EDITED version: WO*IMA #76

your WOrds of my IMAge #76:






well worn, well used, well loved….




This was your grandfather’s; I want you to have it.




well worn

this book of ages

i turn the page

and look for you…




My memories are ancient.

So is my diary.




As I open my journal on the thoughts of my soul. Hide this book of time,

and woe for the present brings light of a melodic glow.



veronica lee

Worn but always treasured

Memories unmeasured!!




Books are so hard to digest sometimes. Even just chewing on the covers gives me a stomach ache.




Books that are worn and tattered are the best books of all.




Gather around children, I will show you the old object that held words for other people to read. It’s called a book.



Thank you all!


I’ve had terrible cold/flu this weekend, mostly sleeping…

Now I go back to bed…





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