I am sick…


been in bed for two days. Terrible flu but no fever.

I feel too weak to stay up so I have give up and go back to bed…

My husband has been sick for one week but he left to work this morning even if  he’s not totally well yet…

This is really odd…my hands feel tired and they are like not my hands at all…weird…

Off I go to bed…





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    • I noticed your latest post but was too tired to comment…
      Hopefully I have more energy tomorrow and visit your and other blogger friend’s blogs!

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that you are ill. Have you tried Homeopathic Remedies for flu like symptoms? They work really well.

    Sending you healing energies from the East Coast….

    • Susie, I’m feeling better today than yesterday but not totally well yet…just had a one hour nap…Thanks for sending me healing energies… 🙂

    • Voi kun olisikin syksy tauti! 🙂 Taalla on taysi kesa ja helle edelleen. En tieda mika popo meihin kumpaankin iski – viikon viiveella minuun. Nyt olen ollut kolme tuntia ylhaalla ja pakko menna kohta taas vaaka-asentoon…

    • Kiitos! Kylla on niin veto veks…kolmas kerta pystyssa…hyva kun jaksan vastata toivotuksiin – en tieda mika tauti tama on…mutta voimat on vienyt taysin.

  2. Dear BLOGitse,

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. After all you two have been through it’s no surprise the body and mind need a bit of a rest. Hope it passes quickly, I’m sure it will, and you’re back on the streets reporting from Casa real soon.

    • That’s what I thought when my husband was in bed for a week but now I have the same tiredness. This is third time up and I have to go back to bed…oh, boy what kind of illness is this…I hope it’s soon over!


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