Moroccan engagement celebration

La Fete d’engagement in French or Haflat Khoutouba in Arabic.


We were honoured by an invitation to a Moroccan engagement celebration a couple of weeks ago…

It was an intimate family gathering with dance and good food.

Laaziza – thank you and your family for the hospitality and opportunity to celebrate with you

and take/publish these photographs!


Laaziza in ‘Henna Dress’


She was sitting still since 1.30 pm till around 8 pm! But she was happy and smiling…















Ali, a young gentleman who spoke several languages with funny mistakes.

Like when he talked about his brother Ashrah, Ali said ‘my daughter’…

You’re a cute little man! It was fun sitting next to you! 🙂




Before and after eating you are offered water to wash your hands…



We had yummy, tender chicken with olives…

You eat with your right hand only.



Tender meat…oh, it was good!



Watermelon was perfect dessert!




Thank you Laaziza!

We wish you and your future husband all the best in your life together!


I asked a couple of questions because I know you are curious to know too… 🙂

In Western it’s common to move together even if you’re not married. Are you moving together now or after wedding? Do you move to your future husband’s home or do you rent/buy a new place to live in?

“Here, you cannot move if you are not married. Now, we are married, but haven’t done the wedding. Which means, I will officially move after the wedding. And there is no issue if we meet even before the wedding since we are married. Yes, I will move to my husband’s home which he will rent for now.”

How do you prepare for your wedding? When are you getting married? Are they going to be traditional as well?

“We are getting married in November 2010, in shaa Allah, (if GOD Willing), And I do have to prepare my traditional outfits that we call in Arabic (Kaftan, Takshita…)

Yes, I love Moroccan traditions and outfits, so it will be traditional as well.

Bride’s family will celebrate their daughter alone and the groom’s family will celebrate their son alone and will come next day to take the bride to their home. Celebrations are all night until early morning.”



You remember my post Moroccan bachelors seek wives who work.

I asked Laaziza what’s her opinion about the situation here in Morocco.

“I do agree with Farid Laafraoui, life has changed and became more expensive than before, both men and women should be willing to help each other financially. Money is not everything in this life. We make money and not money that makes us.

One hand does not clap, so woman should be modest and pro-active with her husband and help him build their house, future, and their kids’ future together and step by step. We don’t have to live luxurious life but we can, together, set our goals in life and work together to achieve them.”

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    • Yes, engagement celebration which is like prewedding (now they are almost married) but actual wedding is in October… 🙂

  1. I just posted about an Indu I attended some weeks ago. I was very beautiful just like the Moroccan engagement. Nice pictures you have here, please can tou stop by and tell me which camera you use? Thank you.

    • You said it – she’s smart!
      So happy to meet her…She’s traditional but also traveled, educated plus working…that tells a lot!

  2. What a fabulous post. The bride is absolutely stunning and your photos came out great capturing all the richness, detail, textures, color, and joy of the happy occasion. Her words seem like she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. It’s just so great you got to be a part of it and you really are so talented at getting people to sit and smile naturally for your camera!

    • Thank you! Your support means a lot to me!
      Laaziza is a great young Moroccan woman. I’m so happy to meet her kind of woman here! and her family, future husband…

  3. Vau, onpa kimaltelevat hennaukset, en ole ennen nähnytkään, tai siis olen nähnyt meidän puolella vain niitä tavallisia. Muuten tyyli tuntuu olevan sama. Nuo perinteiset mekot on kyllä niin painavia ja kuumia ettei niillä kauheasti tekisi mielikään huhkia ympäriinsä 😉

    • Kylla oli mekko kaunis mutta ah niin painavan ja kuuman nakoinen!
      Minusta ei olisi paikallaan istumaan noin pitkaksi aikaa…

    • Great if you found this post interesting! 🙂
      For us this was the first visit in Moroccan home. People were really friendly and hospitable, food was yummy! 🙂

  4. Hi Blogitse! Great party! But almost seven hours sitting… 😉

    Blogtrotter Two managed to get inside a cave and take pictures there; enjoy the mites and tites and have a great week!

  5. Kiva nähdä näitä kuvia;nuo koristelut ovat tosi hienoja.Täälläpäin monet tuoltapäin juuria omaavat parit tekevät myös tuollaisen hennaseremonian,mutta yleensä just ennen häitä.

    • Talla parilla varmaankin tyokiireet rajoittavat mahdollisuutta vapaiden pitamiseen.
      Yleensahan haiden jalkeen pari pitaa kuukauden mittaisen loman joten tyonantaja on helisemassa jos liian monta juhlii yhtaikaa ja pitkaan! 🙂


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