Moroccan engagement celebration…

photos of the weekend #33

I guess most of you would be interested to see how Moroccans celebrate

their engagement…

Last weekend I showed you pics from/to Temara

now it’s time to show more pictures…



I made the actual post earlier this week

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I’m traveling this weekend and not able to visit your blogs until next week,

see you then!





Unknown Mami
Have a great weekend!

24 thoughts on “Moroccan engagement celebration…”

    • Thanks, we had a super great trip! And we’re already planning to go back…Bilbao is a beautiful, clean city easy to move around and full of art!

  1. A tradition unlike any in the USA. Actually, there are none for an engagement. So the past remains alive, traditions are important – if your culture has them…

    • I think it’s great that some parts of this globe still has them. Here in Morocco family and traditions are still important…

    • Sylvia, this celebration was ‘once in a lifetime’ experience…
      We had super great trip to Bilbao – photos coming at the weekend – with shadows too! 🙂


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