still in Bilbao, Spain…weekend #35 photos…

weekend photos #35

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We are still in Bilbao, Spain…now around the city…hope you enjoy!



























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Have a great weekend everyone!


77 thoughts on “still in Bilbao, Spain…weekend #35 photos…”

    • Suosittelen! Juuri eilen katsoin, etta siella on lampotilat laskenut tosi reippaasti…mahtaako ulkoravintoloissa tarjeta illalla enaa ollenkaan…Paivalla on viela lammin. Ihana ja siisti kaupunki taynna taidetta monessa muodossa!
      San Sebastian on aika lahella. Sehan vasta kulttuurikaupunki onkin. Kaunis mutta liian taynna ihmisia ja kapeat kadut autoja. Kiva kayda. Laitan jossain vaiheessa kuvia sieltakin…

    • My daily life is not interesting! 🙂 But every now and then we do something to keep us alive! 🙂

      I feel almost okay but still little bit coughing now and then. Thanks for asking!
      Have a great week!

    • BLOGitse >
      BLOG is blog.
      ‘itse’ is Finnish, ‘me, myself’ BUT when you put those together BLOGitse means ‘via blog’ in Finnish. 🙂

      Happy packing!

  1. What a beautiful city! The architecture is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. Even the streets and sidewalks look pretty. Look at what builders were able to accomplish so long ago and what stands for architecture today, I don’t see where we have made much progress. I love the old cities where pride of the past is celebrated and maintained. I especially love the photos of what looks like almost the same scene of the river cutting a path through the city at two different times of day. The street life looks lively. Great shots that show the character, charm, heart and soul of this marvelous place!

  2. I am enjoying your pictures from Spain so much. The colors are so great and I really get a flavor of the area. Thanks.

    Now I’m off to read your post about blogger commenting…

    Happy SIMC, jj

    • I’m not sure if you read the post but you have not changed your settings yet…
      So sad.
      But I’ve given up.

      Have a good week ahead!

  3. You take amazing pictures! And I TOTALLY agree with you about Blogger blogs. I love their blogs but sometimes can’t leave an account unless they have the Name/URL option. This is b/c I use a pen name and all of the other options are in my real name. And some of the options are just plain confusing to me. Unless I know the person well or I am tremendously moved to comment, if I can’t find a choice that fits me I just leave without commenting. Soooo Frustrating!

    • I guess the biggest problem here is that people don’t KNOW about this problem. And that even if they “ANYONE” choice they still can 100% control what to publish or not…
      I’ve given up…
      I’ve left comments telling about the problem, sent personal emails and if nothing happens I can’t do more.

      Happy blogging week to you! 🙂

    • We lived in Madrid for two years. I wouldn’t call it magical but we enjoyed our life there and have a lot of superb memories…
      Have a grea week ahead!

    • Live, in Bilbao? or somewhere else? We lived in Madrid for 2 years…too many years ago! 🙂

      I noticed you haven’t changed your comment settings…

  4. The city has a real charm, the blending of old and modern does that. The sun sits well over the window boxes full of flowers. The warm days over the canal are beautiful…

  5. Thanks for stopping by, and I truly hope you come back soon. I totally love, love the pictures you have shared today. You do have an eye for a good photo. Have a wonderful weekend cuz I know you will! ~hehe~ Have fun!

  6. I am always envious of those who can see different parts of the world. BUT I thoroughly enjoy seeing it through the eye of the camera. Thanks for sharing Spain with me, Blogitse 🙂

  7. Hienoja kuvia Bilbaosta.Sitä jotenkuten katselee suuremmalla mielenkiinnolla,kun on itsekin käynyt paikan päällä.Hih,mulla on pari vaatekappaletta ,jotka ostin jostain kaupasta sieltä kaupungin vanhemmalta puolelta,eikä ne mene nyt lainkaan päälle….

    • hih, arvaa onko tullut rasvaa lisaa kun ei voi liikkua kun on niin hiki…Kavin vahan aikaa sitten kaupassa ja aivan litimarkana tulin himaan – onneksi illat/yot jo helpompia!


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