EDITED version: WO*IMA #79

your WOrds of my IMAge #79:




Aledys Ver


If green is the rage, why did they make me grey? 😀






My Mama said if I made that face again I would freeze that way…






Hey, ya wanna dance?






The moment I saw her, I froze in my tracks.

I wish she would come back and thaw me out.







becoming a pillar of salt would not have been a bad thing, comparitively…

at least these birds would not ____ on me…




Gecco (no URL)


Damm…again that stiff feeling and taste of metal…

could it be the city drinking water…

or the fact that I been listening to heavy metal for so long…

the dandruff shampoo doesn’t seem to be working…

have to get back in shape for the ironman competition…



Thank you all!

WO*IMA again on Friday!


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  1. Here I am! You thought you’d missed me but I was hiding behind a tree so I could come out and tap you on the shoulder to surprise you. We’ll go and drink tea in an open air cafe and you’ll laugh and no longer be stiff and cross.

    • I’m melting! How did you know!? This hot and humid weather seems to be endless…but I love sunny days rather than dark, cold, rainy ones… 🙂 so, shhh, I don’t say no more about the weather here! 🙂

    • When YOU say that I believe it! 🙂
      I wish I had energy to go out here and shoot…but I wait until Ramadan is over and life will be back to normal…and weather cooler, I hope…


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