to comment or shut up?



I get about 20-30 spam comments per day.

Here are some examples.

I know Christian Louboutin would NOT send spam comments to me.

I checked their homepage.


This shows it’s no news to them –

they have a warning on their homepage

It looks like Mike knows me.

But hey, he thinks I’m a man!!! oh men…

And Anna or Beth, I’ve had enough of your spam comments, thank you very much!



Do you get a lot of spam comments?


Last week I wrote an article why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

and I got quite a few comments.

Some of them said that it’s pointless to leave a comment to say for example

“Have a great weekend!” etc.

I THOUGHT that it’s a nice way to leave a blogger (who I know) a greeting, so she/he knows I’ve visited – rather than say nothing.


Now I don’t know what to do.


I read an article here how NOT to leave comments.

I noticed that my way of commenting is totally out of date.


It was ‘a rule’ some time ago to say “stopping by from xxx” and now it’s a no-no.

We all knew ‘we belong to the same community’ but that’s not ‘in’ anymore.

I didn’t know that’s a no-no.

Now I do.


I need to improve my skills to say something relevant


shut up.


I thought every blogger would be happy to get comments,

even if it’s just greetings

(when you ‘know’ the blogger it should be enough interaction if the post is too long to read at that time etc.)


if you play a meme just to say ‘meme greetings’ without deeper messege

IF you don’t have anything to say about the actual post

BUT you want to say something because you play the same game.

How wrong I was.

From now on I stop saying nonsense. If I don’t have anything to say about the post

I shut up.



ps. I didn’t realize early enough that SILENCE is common way to say

‘I’m not interested’ or ‘I don’t need this kind of  comments’…

It took a while but I’ll learn!

I’m sorry if my comments have been ’empty’…



Links to share:

tips for commenting


No Money can buy a true Comment



How about you – does it matter what kind of comments you get?



ps. we all know how stupid “I’m here and now I follow you – please follow me back!” comments are.

I follow those who I WANT to follow.

The same with giveaways. You can’t buy my love with giveaways. Thanks to all those Blogger bloggers who’ve changed their comment settings to Name/URL option!


Leaving a comment is much more easier now!



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  1. I hardly ever get spams, coz WP is using Akismet to protect us. Well, it actually collects the spam comments away. As well as some friends someetimes, as you have experieced.

    I never have anything smart to say and I keep commenting… mnnn… Couple of times I’ve got in trouble for some that I said. So, I decided not to comment when I’m really tired. I suck then 😉

    Have fun!

    • This morning I had over 30 spams waiting for killing…yes, Akismet protect but we have to empty the spam ‘basket’… 🙂
      Smart to say? Me neither! Let’s continue creating with cameras, digital softwares…I’m dead tired right now…
      Waiting for your fall/winter project… 🙂

  2. Well, since opening my comments settings to all, I’ve got a few spam comments but Bloggers new ‘comment spam’ filter seems to be working well.

    Personally, I like comments from readers which allow me to expand or elaborate on the post subject, or even to say something interesting off-subject but, I also don’t mind short comments from regulars … I know how difficult it is to comment on a post sometime (for whatever reason: time, uninspired etc.) but I also like my friends to know that I am reading their post …

    Enjoyed this post and the opportunity to comment … 🙂



    • One problem is lack of interaction between platforms.
      An example. I left you a comment with a question. I have to come back later to check your reply. But I don’t know when you response to my question. Might be today or next week…and when times go on…I forget. Would be so great to have ‘one channel’ and stay connected! 🙂

    • hahah sun viesti oli mennyt spammikoriin viagra-sanan takia!!! 🙂
      Kylla noita tulee tannekin….viimeksi sattui tulemaan vaan sopivasti kasa ranskalaisia korkokenkia! 🙂

  3. I don’t get much spam, but when I do, it pisses me off. My blog is not for every one, I write and write…so who has time to read? Still, when you comment that you will read it later, or whatever, it means a lot that you even peeked into my world.

    • Guess what….I have two or three of your stories printed, waiting on the table. Next time I go to the pool I’ll take them with me. And read them.
      Afterwards I’ll give my…words…
      You’re a good writer!!!

  4. Too many rules!!! I never get offended because someone leaves an “empty” comment. Whatever. I know the intention is not to be rude so I do not take it as rude. If you want to stop by and say hello, fine. I do not like people asking me to follow them, I think that’s pushy. If you leave a comment and I can get to your blog from it and I like your blog, then I will follow.

    Part of why I kept Disqus when I switched to WordPress is that when I tried the WordPress commenting system I got sooo many spam comments. I don’t really get them with Disqus.

    • Rules are confusing. What’s ok for her might not be enough for him. Or other way round…
      But one rule is good: don’t be pushy.
      I might change to Disqus because I really like it. I get far too many spams now…

  5. If you have high volume, you’ll have many comments to give and receive so it’s understandable they get short. Short and sweet comments don’t bother me personally. I’m glad anyone comes at all. And I think it’s sweet if someone tells me to have a good weekend.

    I can understand why a blogger would get highly irritated if people just hit the comment button and posted something only to advertise themselves. Spam is hideous and I wish we could delete it from the universe. I get none on my blog, but I still think that’s because it’s a low traffic site that slips under the spammer radar.

    I guess it’s the price to pay for high traffic. Unfortunately,there is a downside to many things in life that are good.

    • We’re online at the same time 🙂
      I have one spam waiting to delete right now…
      I just checked one of my email accounts which I haven’t visit for a while – 97 spam, about 10 was not…
      I don’t get the whole idea of spam – what’s the point of it? Do people really buy rolex or viagra what they advertise? LOL! 🙂

      I ‘know’ you too, so it’s no problem for me to say just ‘hi, how’re you’ or ‘have a nice weekend’, I know you wouldn’t mind… 🙂

  6. i get 5-6 spam comments a day…mostly on old posts…so i have comment mod on posts over 7 days so i can just delete them…

    i tend to leave a comment everywhere i go…i try to make it insightful to the post or encouraging…probably the most annoying comment to me is “poignant post” because people seem to use it in the wrong context which makes me believe sometimes they are fishing for comments…

    • ‘Fishing comments’ that’s a good one!
      You get a zillion comments…normally I read them roughly, next time I’ll read them…if I find any fishers… 🙂

  7. Oh dear, the time wasted in reading each one of these nonsensical comments!
    I partly agree with what this person says in the article, about making the comment all about oneself and not even bothering to read the post! For me it’s not about the number of comments I get, or whether you visit every one of my posts, but rather, did you read my post at all?
    As for those people that comment briefly with a “nice post!” or “I liked your pictures!” – yes, I know it can mean that they didn’t even bother, but sometimes or most of the times at least in my experience with *my* followers, it genuinely means they liked it.
    And about wishing a good week or whatever – I don’t see what the problem with that is, I do it sometimes, and I mean well by it!

    • When playing memes it USED to be more important to say something than nothing.
      Nowadays too many leave their links and that’s it.
      I’ve visited several blogs, left greetings but never heard them again. Sometimes I’ve done that many times.
      That’s one reason why I need to…refresh my own blogging life again and not worry if I’m polite or not. I tried but that’s not the name of the game anymore.
      (photo memes are still working but they’ve changed too…)

      And it’s true, two years ago blogging was different. Many have stopped blogging totally, some are too busy (except to update their own blog)…but that’s how life is – changing! All the time. Maybe this change is bigger than I thought…
      Because I can’t change others I have to change myself…which is always hard but I’m ready if that’s the only way…

  8. Hi blogitse…
    Good one. But my thoughts are….
    Say what you want to say. Sometimes it is just fun to read the post, but maybe one doesn’t have a lot to say about it.
    I’m tired of everyone placing rules on how to do this and that…
    I love comments like….”have a good weekend” or something similar.
    They show me that you were there…
    don’t worry about what is “right” or no longer in fashion….just say what you want!
    That’s what I do…and I don’t really care who thinks I am out of fashion in the blog world!


    • I ‘KNOW’ you. 🙂 That’s why I’m not “afraid” to leave a ‘good weekend comment’ to you if I don’t have anything else to say or I’m too busy to say anything else…
      At the same time
      I want to know ‘what happens out there’…I want to know what’s in and out…I don’t want to stay the same forever. I want to go forward. Learn new things. Meet new people. But that’s me. Always hungry…….. 🙂


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