tissue – paperiliina…

photos of the weekend #38

b&w tissue by BLOGitse



b&w tissue by BLOGitse



b&w tissue by BLOGitse



b&w tissue by BLOGitse



b&w tissue by BLOGitse



b&w tissue by BLOGitse


oh Nokia…you think this is beautiful…

Nokia advertising in Casablanca, Morocco


I play here at the weekend


Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays in my City


weekend photos by BLOGitse


Have a great weekend everyone!


ps. I’ll start a new picture challenge on

Monday 27.9.

on my main blog

SUMO - digital fun challenge by BLOGitse

Pure fun…

let’s relax and create digital fun with Sumo Paint (it’s free!)

All you need is

to play!!! > save >post > link > leave a comment to other player’s blogs…


Any questions? Please ask!!! 🙂


48 thoughts on “tissue – paperiliina…”

    • Thank you Esther and nice to meet you!
      It’s interesting how ordinary becomes special with sun and b&w setting…
      Have a good week ahead!

    • Thank you Mami!
      Our world is complicated – simple might be too simple to see speacial – that’s why a camera is a great tool!
      Have a great week ahead!

  1. I like the contrasts here! The flowers themselves have a complex style, nearly wrinkled. Yet the shadows they leave are simpler. Nice takes, as always (especially in B&W)

  2. Oh, this is such a hoot! I love your sense of humor and who would have thought wadded up tissues would make such a fascinating photo! Terrific! And, yes, I’m laughing out loud and probably could use one of those right now! Have a great weekend!!


  3. Hah hah haa! There’s no life without tissues! Good stuff these photos and the idea!

    Gosh, I really need a tissue to wipe my tears of laughter… You really crack me up!


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