SUMO digital fun challenge #1

This is a new kind of picture challenge. We play with Sumo Paint! Relaxing, having fun and creating pictures!

Even if we use same tools, same colors etc. all the pictures will be different. How fun is that?! 🙂

Here’s an example how the process goes… But first

REGISTER for a free account >>>Sumo Paint

1. Post a picture on you blog with a title SUMO digital fun challenge #1

2. crab the SUMO digital fun challenge button from the sidebar add it to your post or sidebar

3. publish

4. copy POST URL (http:// etc……) NOT your BLOG url!!!

5. come here
> enter your username
> enter your POST URL

That’s it!
Hopefully we have more than one player! 🙂  we visit each other’s blogs to see more digital fun and leave comments, right? We all love comments!
Easiest and quickiest way to play is to click participant’s linky links!

Hey, don’t forget to leave a comment here too! By leaving a comment I know you’re playing with me! 🙂
We start every Monday morning and Linky is open till Thursday midnight! If that is not long enough we can change it later.
Any questions or ideas?

SUMO digital fun challenge #1

0 thoughts on “SUMO digital fun challenge #1”

  1. Love your energy…maybe I will come back to this.meanwhile, tooo much going down, I will try to come back though, looks like a fun thing to try.

    • 🙂 It would be great to have more players…but I guess people are busy and maybe this kind of challenge is not interesting…but I’m having fun! 🙂

  2. I started my response when Miriam (5 yrs) saw me drawing and having fun – so she wanted to do her own. I linked it to our arts&craft blog that has been untouched for a while and now working with mine.
    Have a great evening
    (ps. let me know if I linked or did something wrong)

    • Thank you Miriam, 5 yrs, for your entry. Isn’t it fun playing with Sumo?!
      Kiitos Miriam, 5 v, osallistumisesta. Eiko olekin kivaa leikkia Sumolla?!

      Linky vaantaa erikoismerkit sillisalaatiksi eli username kannattaa laittaa ilman erikoismerkkeja. Nimeksi riittaa nimi, ei tarvitse kirjoittaa blogin nimea varsinkin jos siina on aakkosia… 🙂

    • Oh Brian!
      You DO NOT have to be an artist to create with Sumo!
      Try it and play along! It’s really fun and relaxing! Pleeease! It’s FREE!
      YouTube is full of tutorials! Come on, I’m waiting! 🙂


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