SUMO digital fun challenge #2

The first round was not a huge success… 😥

Let’s see if there are more players this week!?


Here’s my entry


SUMO digital fun challenge by BLOGitse


Don’t know what SUMO digital fun is about?

Check the first challenge post


play along!


You have time till Thursday midnight Casa time…


SUMO digital fun challenge by BLOGitse



0 thoughts on “SUMO digital fun challenge #2”

      • Yes, I do believe that indeed! So many programs around and people are used to the one that is suitable for them. Learnin a new one can be owerhelming, thou fun if you like. Digital Fun sounds good.

      • Okay…I’ll try without SUMO – let’s see if we get more players!
        Your suggestion of theme – let’s try that too starting next Monday!
        I’ll promote ‘digital fun’ with the theme on Sunday’s post..

    • I tried a new option and that was fun to play with…
      I guess you noticed – I took the button away. This is the last SUMO challenge because lack of participants…
      Thanks for your support!

    • Thanks Nicole!
      I’m going to stop this if I’m the only player – not fun! 🙂
      Too many programs, too many challenges, too many… 🙂


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