renewed digital fun challenge starts here on Monday…

My regular readers know how I tried to start ‘SUMO digital fun challenge’

on my main blog.

Soon I (and my readers, thank you!) noticed that people use different softwares and

one more would’ve been too much work.

And those who didn’t use any software…didn’t want play. sigh!

I listened…

renewed challenge starts HERE

on Monday 11.10.2010

Linky will be open from Monday morning till Thursday midnight.


We are going to have a theme too.

‘digital fun challenge #1’ theme is

>>> blue and round <<<


You can do what/how ever ‘digital fun blue and round’ inspires you! 🙂


Crab the button,

start creating,

come back here on Monday,

link up,

leave a comment (I know you’re playing)

visit other players and leave comments…

That’s it!

I guess you all know how to play?!

If you have any questions or need help

leave a comment or

you can contact me via contact form (sidebar)


Here’s the button



digital fun challenge by BLOGitse

right click the button and save on your computer…


Come on and play along!


2 thoughts on “renewed digital fun challenge starts here on Monday…”

  1. I’m with you. But could not make the link to work in my profile… I’ll promis to come back by the end of the week with something round and blue … like my ….

    • Do you mean the link doesn’t work? If you add it on your post, go on top of the button it does not show the url to this blog?
      When I tested the button it worked…….


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