Greetings from Casablanca, Morocco!

I had a great time in Helsinki but it’s nice to be back with my husband…


Espa, Helsinki, Finland


Espa, Helsinki 1.10.2010 – still green…


Espa, Helsinki, Finland


You could sit outside and have a drink…


Espa, Helsinki, Finland


It was a beautiful and warm day…


Espa, Helsinki, Finland


Sun was shining and people were smiling…




I had about 17 kilos (37 lbs) food goodies in my suitcase!!! like this Finnish speciality vendace loaf

“Fish rooster” – “muikkukukko” in Finnish.

You know a phrase

Say cheese!

We have a similar phrase


which literally means ‘Say vendace!’

Here’s a picture how it looks when you pronounce MUIKKU! 🙂




fish loaf, muikkukukko



fish loaf, muikkukukko


‘Traditional loaf-shaped fish and pork pie of the Savo region in eastern Finland.

The filling consists of layers of fish and pork fat,

which are wrapped inside a smooth rye crust and slowly baked in oven.

The dome-shaped pie is eaten by cutting out pieces of the crust,

topping them with the succulent filling. Kalakukko can be filled with whole small fish

(vendace) or fish fillets (eg vendace, perch, rainbow trout) or vegetables (eg rutabaga), alternating them with layers of pork fat and salt.’

glossary of Finnish dishes


fish loaf, muikkukukko


A little bit butter (real butter!), heating in microwave oven – voilà! ready to eat – yummy!


Say ‘MUIKKU’! 🙂




0 thoughts on “say MUIKKU!”

    • Nicole, it WAS that green 🙂 I spoke with my mother yesterday, it’s been snowing (melted though) and it’s much colder nowadays…….

  1. Welcome back!

    Helsinki looks beautiful… some of the pictures look like Boston to me.

    The loaf is interesting looking, I’m sure it taste very good with pork fat and salt as ingredients, something that I don’t eat anymore.

    • Thanks Sue!
      I eat that loaf maybe once a year – I don’t worry about the calories. I’m a meat lover but cakes, cookies and buns I can live without!

  2. I have been to Finland maybe 200 times and had many breakfasts where muikkukukko was proposed. I loved a lot in Finland, but never really got fan of the muikkukukko … sorry! 🙂 At least, what I may love about it are the double “k”s! 🙂

    • 🙂 you don’t have to like muikkukukko – I don’t take it personally! 🙂
      Our language is very rich even if it sounds funny…. 🙂

    • Finnish life is interesting! 🙂 I could tell several interesting stories how our politicians work but one blog post wouldn’t be enough……

  3. Oho, tulipa mukaan herkkuja. Ennen en tykännyt kalakukosta, kun se oli niin kuivaa, mutta sitten yksi savolainen opetti, että pitää laittaa voita reilusti.

    • Mukaan tuli vahan karkkia mutta paaosa 17 kilosta oli ruokaa. Nakkeja, leipajuustoa, sinappia, puolukkahilloa jne jne
      Tuo muikkukukko on hiukan mautonta mutta voi antaa kivan suolasilauksen!

    • I just checked the weather in Helsinki – now it’s less than +10 C and grey…
      I can’t remember when I’ve eaten Finnish goodies as much as I ate during my two week trip… 🙂

    • KIITOS kun kerroit ettei linkki toiminut – korjasin – nyt toimii!
      ‘Muikkuhuulet’ on hyvaa ryppyjen ehkaisyjumppaa! 🙂 🙂


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