WO*IMA #86 your WOrds my IMAge

you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge = WO*IMA

my IMAge #86:


WOIMA #86 by BLOGitse


As usual you have time till Sunday 6 pm Casa time


Have F U N!


Don’t know what WO*IMA is about?


Check this given IMAge post



and then this edited version



with participant’s WOrds and links to their blogs!



Have a great weekend!




On Monday ‘digital fun challenge’ on my PHOTOblog

theme is

cross (risti/rasti)

Welcome to play along!





0 thoughts on “WO*IMA #86 your WOrds my IMAge”

  1. Hi Blogitse! Mikado? That was an interesting game to play… 😉

    Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu… 😉
    Blogtrotter Two is still in Algiers… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  2. Kuka sotki mun heinäseipäät?
    Who made a mess with my hey skewers?

    (found out that there is not a proper translation to “heinäseiväs” – probably they are not used in English speaking world – only hey bales)


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