technical problems?!

Have you had any problems when entering my blog?


I’ve got several mails saying that people are redirected to an ad page just after 1-2 seconds they’ve come to my site.

Has this or similar happen to you?

Please leave me a comment WHERE did you click my address or

how did you come to my blog.

That’s how I’ll find out where the problem might be.

For example

did you click my blog address on Linky tools? SSS or SIMC

did you click my address on someone else’s blog? If yes, whose?



Thank you!



10 thoughts on “technical problems?!”

  1. Yes, that happened to me on your Main Blog and I just left a comment there too. That was just bizarre. Anyhow, it seems all cleared up thank goodness. I scrolled down this page and loved the photos of carvings on the tree trunks. Though I myself would Never, Ever scar a tree like that. I’d be scared I was hurting it. Seriously!

    • Hopefully that problem is over now…

      You’re so cute – hurting a tree. But I do know what you mean. Trees have feelings too!

    • WHERE did you come from? Different than earlier? I need to know the SOURCE – did you click my link? where? or did you type it? or did you come via feed?

  2. Joissakin blogeissa (mm. Ebrufinin ) kun klikkaa kommenttilaatikkoa, niin aukeaa ‘taakse’ uusi mainosikkuna, usein pelisivu tms, riippumatta siitä mistä tulee. Mutta ei siis ainakaan tässä blogissa minulle ole koskaan auennut.

  3. Poker – William Hill was the name of the site that did open up “behind” yours. Not knowing whether it is a Greek one or not, closed it and there wasn’t any problem.
    Things like this did happen with various other sites, at least for me. Please have a good start into the new month and week.

    • I need to know more to find where the spam hits. Did you click my address on Linky tools list?
      You write it did happen with various other sitesfrom Linky tools? or how did you go to these ‘other sites’? I need the source….


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