I need your help!!!

Did you have any difficulties to enter my site?


If yes – what happened?

Did you have redirecting problem? You came here but suddenly there was an ad where you were linked?


Several people have told me about ‘redirecting’ problem.


I need to know 3 things to solve the problem.


1. How/where from did you come to my site?

Did you click my name on your or someone else’s blog comment section?

Did you click my name in Linky tools list (SSS or SIMC)?


I need to know the source, where did you click to enter my blog otherwise it’s impossible to fix the problem!


2. If you try again so that you type my blog address with different browser – do you still have that problem?


3. Is my blog(s) only place where you experience this problem?


Most of the problems seem to be on my photo blog but a couple of bloggers have experience the problem here on my main blog too.


Please help me by answering those questions!

You can also email me via contact form (sidebar).


thank you rose by BLOGitse

Thank you!





0 thoughts on “I need your help!!!”

  1. Last week when I viewed this blog in safari after hitting the link on my Sites I Visit on my blogger “home page,” I got redirected to another site, page, entirely right out of the blue. It was weird. All seems back to normal now. Hope it stays that way!

    • That’s interesting and weird. Please let me know if that happens again!
      Thank you for this information…hopefully everything works normally today and every day! 🙂

  2. I’ve never had a problem getting over here. I just click on your link when you leave a comment at my place. And I DEFINITELY don’t have a problem with that precious rose–BEAUTIFUL!

  3. “Google search results for my blog have been hijacked by spammers”

    This is the problem. It’s all about SEO spammers.
    I’ll try to solve this with help from my frien, hopefully asap.

    Oh, boy how frustrating this shit is………………………..

  4. It happens to me when I visit from my computer but not my iPad. I found an article that describes the problem as your blog being hijacked to help boost SEO searches in google. I wrote a blog post on how to fix it.

    • hm…that’s interesting. It seems that the problem has vanished. Other people have said they don’t have the problem anymore….It could be Linky…THANK you!!!


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