EDITED version WO*IMA #88

your WOrds of my IMAge #88:


WOIMA #88 measurement tape by BLOGitse




he wonders if he measures up to her ruler…





If you give me an inch, I’ll make it count for a mile….





Inch by inch -getting fatter!



Emma Jayne


No matter what the number, they have always equaled perfection. I wish I had realized this sooner…



Unknown Mami


“Measure by measure, drop by drop

And pound for pound, we’re taking stock

Of all the treasures still unlocked

The love you found must never stop”


-Song lyrics by Echo and the Bunnymen



keats the sunshinegirl


Whoa! I could fit into my daughter’s saree blouse this Deepavali.

For now, the measuring tape is redundant!!!





How long has this been going on?



Gecco (no url)


Not everything that counts can be measured.

Not everything that can be measured counts.

“Albert Einstein”


Thank you!

Have a great week ahead!


ps. remember ‘digital fun challenge’ on Monday on my PHOTOblog!




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