desperate housewifes…

self-immolation by women in Afghanistan UNESCO

picture: Self-immolation by women in Afghanistan
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This post is not about an American television comedy-drama series.






I read an article in New York Times.

“HERAT, Afghanistan —

Even the poorest families in Afghanistan have matches and cooking fuel.

The combination usually sustains life.

But it also can be the makings of a horrifying escape:

from poverty, from forced marriages, from the abuse and

despondency that can be the fate of

Afghan women.”

Burn-article picture by Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

picture by Lynsey Addario for The New York Times


Read The New York Times article here.


STOP violence against women by BLOGitse


There’re several organizations helping Afghan women.


I support Women for Women International


How about donating a xmas money instead of buying to yourself,

don’t you have enough already?



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  1. Yes, I am aware. I read a few Khaled Hosseini books too- I see there are already comments about A Thousand Splendid Suns; there is another possibly a more famous one- The Kite Runner… I recommend.

    Thanks for sharing, Blogitse- even though it was very difficult to take it in at times…

    • Two books more to read…
      I share because most of the bloggers have everything more than enough. There’re too many girls, women who can’t even read. If my blogging enables to spread at least awareness of this horrible issue it’s better than nothing.
      I know this is not ‘nice’ or easy blog post but it’s important.
      Thanks for your comment…

  2. Since you mentioned the American TV show, you certainly know about it and of course your serious post is not related to it in anyway. But I suspect most Americans will think of the show when reading the title. I did.
    I understand this to be a cultural problem. It does need attention. But I suspect some will think this is a religious issue which is wrong.

    • Yes I do know the TV show. The title vs. content is ironic.
      You’re right. It’s NOT a religious issue!
      Some cultural traditions are NOT good anymore in 2010.

  3. Imagine how utterly horrible one’s life must be that self-immolation seems a preferable alternative! I am heartsick. But it is a story that needs to be told. The lack of compassion and empathy in this world stuns me to the very core of my being.

    • From the videos I can see and FEEL the pain what these women are having.
      I can’t respect men who are abusing their wifes, children.
      How an adult man (what ever the age, adult is adult) can BUY a 10-12 yrs old girl for 10.000 USD as a wife?
      Women for sale?!
      That kind of tradition, habit should be banned all over the globe right now!

    • Some cultural traditions are not acceptable in 2010!
      All women around the globe need education to know their rights as human beings.


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