greetings from Helsinki – again!

bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – it’s cold in Helsinki!

Today it was about +1 C / 33.8 F

and windy…

This is how the Helsinki central railway station looked today at midday


Helsinki Central railway station 17.11.2010 by BLOGitse


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I’ll be very busy during my stay here but I’ll try to find time to blog too…





0 thoughts on “greetings from Helsinki – again!”

  1. I vaguely remember cold weather. Great shot. I got a good laugh with your name on the entrance to the train station. You did a great job on that. It looks so real! I think you have a future as a photo editor if you wanted it…

  2. well the picture doesn’t look cold.

    Hey being that you are Finnish, maybe you heard about this Finnish couple that started the complaint choirs. I posted about it today.
    all the best


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