let it snow, let it snow…

We’re getting more and more snow in Finland!

nature, Finland 21.11.2010




not yet frozen, nature Finland 21.11.2010 by BLOGitse




Baltic Sea near Porvoo Finland 21.11.2010 at 11 29 am by BLOGitse

21.11.2010 at 11:30 am



pine tree and Baltic Sea Finland 21.11.2010 at 11 30 am by BLOGitse

21.11.2010 at 11:30 am



tree and Baltic Sea Finland 21.11.2010 at 11 31 am by BLOGitse

21.11.2010 at 11:30 am



Ruttopuisto Plague Park, Helsinki, Finland 23.11.2010 at 3 38 pm by BLOGitse

Ruttopuisto / Plague Park, Helsinki, Finland 23.11.2010 at 3:38 pm



Ruttopuisto Plague Park, Helsinki, Finland 23.11.2010 at 3 38 pm by BLOGitse



Katja Öhrnberg by BLOGitse 1.9.2009

Katja Öhrnberg and the same park 1.9.2009


Paula Holopainen 1.9.2009  by BLOGitse

Paula Holopainen

It was ‘The Painter Paints’ -happening 1.9.2009


Today it’s been snowing the whole day!

It looked like this


snow in Helsinki 24.11.2010 by BLOGitse

in the morning 24.11.2010 at 9:13 am



There’re a lot of xmas lights around but I’ve been too busy to shoot them, sorry.

I’ll try to find time at the weekend…




0 thoughts on “let it snow, let it snow…”

  1. Those are so beautiful! Although I can’t handle too much snows but they sure does looks pretty especially if you’re watching them from inside a warm cozy sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands 😀 Have a great weekend!

    • You’ll get snow don’t worry! I bet you get it more than you can imagine….. 🙂
      I didn’t see the sun for days but yesterday and today it’s beautiful AND more colder!!! brrrrr…the wind makes it feel colder….bbbrrrrrrrrr….. 🙂

  2. Are you here now?
    I LOVE SNOW, but hate that dääääm wind.
    It is how you are dressed when you go out…
    My dum dog love snow also…. and eat it every time I look somewhere else…

    • Hi there! Where have you been???
      Yes, I’m in Finland – one week and then back to Casa…
      I had to buy shoes and pipo (beanie) because of the wind. Now I’m okay dressed! 🙂

    • Oh yes, snow is beautiful and it makes this Nordic country more bearable this time of the year when it’s dark in the morning, dark in the evening……….. 🙂

  3. Mikä ero kun talven keskelle yhtäkkiä hyppäsi kesäkuvia, miten sen vihreyden voikin niin nopesti unohtaa. Hienoja kuvia, mutta näyttää niiiiin kylmältä, mahtaako pipokaan auttaa, vähintään kaksi niitä pitää olla..

    • Olet oikeassa – yksi pipo ei riita vaan huppu on viela vedettava paalle koska tuuli on niin kova. Mutta aurinko paistoi tanaan ekaa kertaa koko aikana, mahtavaa! 🙂

    • Nicole, I didn’t miss the snow but it’s ok… 🙂
      Today it’s -7 and very hard wind, so it feels much colder than -7….brrrrr….Let’s see if I can shoot any pics today…

  4. I love the snow…especially, when I have no place to go! When I once worked further north in the winter, and had to get out in the snow every day to do a job…then, it was a chore!

    • So you know what snow means 🙂 Today I can see a little bit of sun – what a pleasant surprise after many grey days…
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Olen ihmetellyt kun ei ollenkaan pipo kirista eika pimeys hairitse kuin aamuisin. Heraan ihan ok mutta en ole normaalin pirtea vasta kun pimeys helpottaa…Lumi onneksi valaisee vahan tata pimeytta. 🙂

  5. I love this post! Why is it that I love pictures of snow, but don’t want anything to do with anymore? Probably have shoveled too many sidewalks! Your photos are wonderful. The difference betweeen a clean, productive country and Casa is remarkable. Just four more months….

    • That’s it – snow means extra work but it makes it much brighter and less noisy… 🙂
      After Cairo and Casa Helsinki air feels fresh and clean! And I’m able to walk without fear….

  6. So pretty. That park takes on quite a different character in different seasons. I love the two shots with the lit up buildings, the reflection shots, the close up of the trees in front of the sea, and the close ups. It looks like you are having a wonderful time in a magical winter wonderland!

    • It was a rough day – trains and buses late, a few car accidents….but it’s much brighter with snow.
      I’m NOT a winter person but I don’t why I haven’t had any problems so far. I’ve enjoyed the fresh air, eaten fish and drank sour milk etc. I’ve been very busy though, not much time to blog but I’ll have more time when back in Casa… 🙂


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