EDITED version WO*IMA #91


your WOrds of my IMAge #91:


WOIMA #91 by BLOGitse


Ballerina Girl


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Jack Frost nipping at your nose…

– sung by Frank Sinatra






Come on baby, light the fire, because it’s freezing cold here!!!!






Fire, heat, love, passion. But why am I separated and kept away?






Firepalace,HK-blöö, sauna, -40C, LOTS OF SNOW,reindeer`s, and Santa Claus!

What else woman can ask?




Melissa B.


Fire and Ice?

The Fire Next Time?

All Fired Up?






“Be sure to stack the wood horizontally, lay it down, don’t stand it up on end ”

that is how to light the fire


They’ve never heard of pystyvalkea?






Makes a winter day wonderful, knowing already in the morning, what awaits one in the evening.






Oooh but I do like pictures of warm things in the middle of winter!



Thank you!


Have a great week ahead!


ps. remember ‘digital fun challenge’ from Monday till Friday on my PHOTOblog!







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