WO*IMA #92 your WOrds my IMAge

you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge = WO*IMA

my IMAge #92:


WO*IMA #92 by BLOGitse

As usual you have time till Sunday 6 pm Casa time


Have F U N!


Don’t know what WO*IMA is about?


Check this given IMAge post


and then


this edited version


with participant’s WOrds and links to their blogs!



Have a relaxing weekend!


I have terrible flu.

My head is like a balloon.

I’m NOT leaving to Casa this weekend,

more posts from Helsinki coming when I feel better….


0 thoughts on “WO*IMA #92 your WOrds my IMAge”

  1. Hi Blogitse! Where are you? Forget the flu; I had a virus (or some…) for two months and today is pourings cats and dogs in Lisbon. Anything more disgraceful…

    To forget all that, Blogtrotter Two is in the Valley of Kings waiting for you!! No photos allowed inside the tombs, sorry… Enjoy and have a great week!

    • I’m still in Helsinki. I want to be here a couple of more weeks…It’s warm inside – better place to get rid of this flu……..I’ll visit your blog tomorrow… 🙂

  2. No substitution for the sun,
    having migraine isn’t fun
    and that is what I get
    if I let
    that energy lamp light my way.
    That is why I stay
    in the shadows and sleep,
    hoping to get a peep
    of the real sun.
    That would be fun.


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