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photos of the weekend #49 / Eira, Helsinki

The district dates back to the early 20th century and received its name after

Eira Hospital in the neighboring district of Ullanlinna, which in turn took its name from

Eira Hospital in Stockholm, which was named after Eir,

the old Scandinavian goddess of healing.

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Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse



Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse



Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse Eira Hospital

Eira Hospital

The building was designed by Lars Sonck and its construction was completed in June 1905.

Lars Sonck Wikipediapicture from Wikipedia

Lars Sonck


Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse



Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse house of von Wright

Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse von Wright plaque

Georg Henrik von Wright (14 June 1916 – 16 June 2003) was a Finnish philosopher,

who succeeded Ludwig Wittgenstein as professor at the University of Cambridge.

von Wright Suomeksi (in Finnish)


Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse



Eira Helsinki by BLOGitse



map of Eira, Helsinki   click here > View Larger Map


More pictures from Eira



No sun, no shadows.

This was shot

2.10.2010 here in Helsinki –

only two months ago…


maple tree 2.10.2010 Helsinki Finland by BLOGitse


Have a great weekend everyone!


Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City



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    I’m sorry I don’t have the energy to reply here to all your comments but I’ve visited and left a comment on your blogs.
    Thanks for your visit, have a goooood week!

  2. Thank you very much for the glimpse into your neighbourhood. Love snow much, yet it has been years since last seen. Looks very peaceful indeed. Please have a good new week.

  3. It is hard to believe that the photos are in the same location barely months apart. Your series today, whilst beautiful leave me feeling so cold and grey. The vibrant green of the leaves was a beautiful contrast waking me up and making me feel alive. Happy SIMC.

  4. The hospital is beautiful with the turret and needle on top. Looking from a century ago, the details are so different that the glass and steel buildings of today – better, even…

    Yes, a scant two months age there seemed to be more leaves, sun and shadows. Looking forward to spring, even if it is is a few months…

  5. Brrrrr….look at all that snow, but what beautiful buildings! We don’t have snow yet, however a sheet of ice is covering everything as we speak…glad I’m finally home and cozily tucked in for the night, but they say snow tomorrow! It’s time…sigh!


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