Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!

I’m on my way back to Casa.

I should be there on Thursday but as you all know

there’s a chaos in Europe because of the snow.

There’s more snow in Helsinki than in Lapland!


I made it back to Casa almost on time!

Lufthansa‘s staff was REALLY nice and

did their best for us passengers. Well done!

I want to wish you all

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

Leppoisaa joulunaikaa!

These pictures I shot 21.12.2010

St Thomas Christmas Market in Esplanade Park, Helsinki, Finland

merry xmas_1 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_2 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_3 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_4 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_5 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_6 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_7 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_8 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_9 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_10 by BLOGitse

merry xmas_11 by BLOGitse

merry christmas by BLOGitse

Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City




0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Happy holidays!”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my entry. Am glad to hear that your flight to Casa was fine! I see a lot of snow but did not know that Helsinki had more snow than Lapland!
    Happy Holidays:)

  2. These are lovely! All the snow looks so pretty and festive! It must be so nice for you to be back home. Welcome back to blog land after your break. So good to see you posting again. Happy holidays!

  3. Hi Blogitse! Much easier thriugh Lisbon; no snow… ;))

    Hope you had a great Christmas weekend! Blogtrotter Two waits for you at the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Enjoy and have a great week ahead!

  4. Market days are always fun, bringing a little cheer to a snow-covered day in winter, we only got 7 inches or so, but such is life in the Nor’lunds!!!

    Hope the moving went well and your flu has been conquered…now time to enjoy your sunny Casablanca…have a joyous New Year…see ya in the next one!


    The flight was only 20 mins late.
    Now I try to get back on track and daily routine…
    First of all I have to go to recharge my mobile credit. ALL mobile sims are prepaid here, so you know what that means 🙂

    My suitcase was quite heavy so I had piece of Finnish ham in my hand luggage.
    A guy in custom asked what that round package was. I said it’s Finnish ham and you don’t take it – it’s for my husband! 🙂 He laughed. Crazy woman…I know… 🙂
    So we are going to have real Finnish xmas ham tomorrow – yummy nam nam! 🙂

  6. Look at all those hearty people walking about in the snow at an outdoor market! I love how the landscape looks covered in snow, and the warm glow from the vendor’s stalls. Good for you getting out there, taking it all in, and sharing it with us here. I hope you have a safe and smooth trip back to Casa and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Hope you can make safe passage back to Casa! Weather is crazy, everywhere! Here, unusually warm. I enjoyed these photos, all the little shoppes, and everybody so bundled up!

  8. Uiii,miten paljon lunta! Kiitos näistä Helsinki-kuvista,tuli hetkellinen ikävä….
    Ja toivottavasti pääset helposti takaisin Casaan.-
    Rauhallista Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!

  9. Höh, juuri kävin suomalaisessa blogissasi toteamassa että jäitkin sinne jouluksi!! Etkä sitten kuitenkaan! Tai ehkä silti.. Anyway, Oikein mukavaa joulua missä sitä lopulta vietätkin (toivottavasti et sentään millään lentokentällä).

  10. Hyvää matkaa ja hyvää joulua ja jos jää Keski-Euroopan lumivyöryyn kiinni, soittele ja annan turvapaikan, ettei tarvi nukkua lentokentän kenttävuoteessa.

  11. Good luck on your way back to Casablanca! I hope the airport is working!
    Beautiful pics. of the market in Helsinki – extra lovely with the snow everywhere!
    Have a very merry Christmas!!!!


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