snow, snow, snow…noise, noise, noise…

I can’t remember last time I’ve seen so much snow in Helsinki!

I shot a zillion pictures – here are a few of them.


snow in Helsinki 19.12.2010 by BLOGitse



snow in Helsinki 19.12.2010 by BLOGitse

These two pics were shot 19.12.2010

I wonder when this car will see daylight again…


snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse

I had a dinner at my mom’s home – it looked like it normally looks in Lapland!


snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse



snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse

It was beautiful and so QUIET!


snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse



snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse



snow in Helsinki 11.12.2010 by BLOGitse


Now I have to get used to our upstrair neighbour’s lifestyle again.

Early morning walking with high heels, kids playing and running,

cleaning lady pulling and pushing furniture…

Barking dogs, speeding vehicles, honk, honk, honk…

I try to think positive – only three months to suffer! :mrgreen:


blue wisp on black by BLOGitse





44 thoughts on “snow, snow, snow…noise, noise, noise…”

  1. Thanks for your visit. Here in Sweden, where I live, it has been the coldest, whitest December for 110 years. So lucky for me! Your snow pictures are magical! I love the quietness that comes with the snow.

    • How nice to see you here!
      It was so beautiful in Helsinki. I’m not a winter person but dark winter season looks and feels nicer with snow…

  2. Lovely snow shots! I wouldn’t mind playing in it for a bit 🙂
    So, what did I miss? What’s up in 3 month?
    I thought I read it all,…but must have missed that part

      • Ah, the where part was what I wondered about.
        Well, Best of Luck!
        I hear you on the noise part. We have the AC on (on the warmest) at night, so we can sleep through. No constant noise, but the every once in a while stupid race driver, trash collectors and whatever else is even worse 🙁
        I hate noisy neighbours.
        We are on the top floor, so we are lucky in that regard.
        But our windows are like no windows, through them you hear everything like if they were open.

      • Windows…we have the same problem.
        We play relaxing music every night otherwise I’d wake up several times every night…
        We’ve learned – top floor is a must if we live like this in the future…
        People in Casa want to be like Europeans but they don’t have European manners. They drive in the city like they used to drive in a countryside. They hang carpets, linen, clothes in balconies and they clean it with water – and if you happen to be walking underneath it’s your fault.
        They don’t have vacuum cleaners here. Our landlord asked what’s that for. Oh boy.

    • Mixed feelings…I guess you haven’t read all my posts?!
      I thought that what ever would be better after busy and polluted Cairo but I was so wrong.
      In Cairo people are more polite than in Casa. Here people are rude, traffic is horrible, prices like in Europe but quality not.
      But we can manage! 🙂

    • Oh boy, I’ve seen what a mess some parts of U.S. have because of the snow!
      My Scandinavian butt is used to all kinds of climates! LOL! 🙂

  3. huoks huoks ja niisk niisk, kannatti tehdä matka ihan lumen takia, on se sen verran outo määrä Helsingissäkin. Minä ymmärrän niiiiiin hyvin mitä tarkoitat hiljaisuudella! Tschump… silleen kun lumikokkare tipahtaa puun oksalta pehmeesti hangelle.. I miss that little sound!

    • Just noin hiljaista. Ei kaikua, kaikki on pehmeaa…
      Oli ensimmainen kerta aikoihin kun oikein nautin lumesta ja talvesta – ehka siksikin kun tiesin paasevani pois – en tieda. Muuttamisen kannalta oli rankkaa mutta muuten tosi mukavaa.
      Kylla Suomessa monet asiat on todella hyvin!

  4. Noisy people are vexing aren’t they? 🙂 We have a lot of snow here from yesterday and today, too. But the wind is whipping madly and I’m not quite ready to face it, yet!

    Lovely shots and thanks for the blog visit!


  5. That just makes me miss snow more! I love that hush a big snowfall can bring – your pictures brought back so many memories. Thank you for sharing them so I could have great memories!! Beautiful! Visiting from SITS.

    • It’s great you’re happy! People in Helsinki are guite tired of snow already….
      Thanks for your visit, enjoy rest of this year! 🙂

  6. Ihan hurja kyllä tuo lumen määrä! En ole noin paljon lunta koskaan nähnytkään….
    Yritä kestää sitä yläkerran melua,onko sulla sellaiset korvasuojat? Mulla on,koska lentokoneet menee yöllä pään päältä…..

    • Se on sellaista melua joka tulee ‘lapi’. Korkokengilla kavely ja lasten tavaroiden heittely lattialle kuuluu pitkin seinia, puhumattakaan huonekalujen siirtelysta. Niita kun ei nosteta vaan vedetaan tai tyonnetaan marmorilattialla.
      En osaa kayttaa kuulosuojaimia. En tykkaa olla ‘eristettyna’ ulkomaailmasta. Joskus reissulla kaytan mutta 24/7 kotona olisi hiukan liikaa! 🙂

  7. Mother Nature is on a rampage in some places, that’s for sure! The northwest USA is currently under blizzard conditions. On the west coast it poured rain for about 10 days in a row! And Europe seems to be getting more than their usual share of snow and ice! Lotsa folks setting up camp in airports all over the place. Quite crazy!

    • In Helsinki they’re planning to start education for aiports: how to fly even if there’s snow and ice…
      Here in Casa they had terrible flooding while I was away. Three days without electricity – the whole city!
      Crazy indeed…

  8. Ohhh fantastic pictures! That’s a lot of snow, that car is almost unrecognisable under all that load! And yes, when it snows so much, there’s a special sitllness in the air, isn’t there? Quite a contrast, I can imagine, with Casa, where everyone is alive and lively!! 😀

    • LOL! 🙂 ‘everyone is alive’ in Casa – even if it’s quiet in Helsinki people are alive! 🙂 (Even if it doesn’t seem like that when people are busy and in their own worlds…)

      • I know! 😀 I just wanted to play with words here! But in winter, everything seems to be so still, especially when it has snowed – it’s just beautiful, isn’t it? And quite a contrast with what life is like in places like Casa, teeming with activity.
        Just a few weeks ago, when my husband went to pick me up at the airport with his father and his step-mother, my first impression was: are these people asleep or sth.? Why is everybody and everything so quiet? 😀

      • LOL! 🙂 I know, just teasing! 🙂
        I can imagine you coming from Argentina to Holland – what a difference.
        I’ve heard how people in Casa want to live in an area where it’s quiet but they themselves are not quiet… 🙂

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