Happy New Year 2011!

First a couple of photos of the weekend #52

candle light by BLOGitse

At Christmas we had a lot of candles around the house…



shadows on snow 1 by BLOGitse


shadows on snow 2 by BLOGitse

wow, I saw some SHADOWS on the snow in Helsinki! 🙂



flower after rain by BLOGitse

But here in Casablanca I see flowers. This was shot after morning rain…


flowers after rain by BLOGitse

no snow… 🙂



one yellow orange, orange tree , Casablanca by BLOGitse

There’s one orange which is not green…


Digital fun challenge will be back here on MONDAY!

theme #10 is >>> 1 (one) <<<

Welcome to play along!


Shadow Shot Sunday

Sundays In My City


and now…


It’s party time!


Happy New Year 2011!



Happy New Year 2011!


“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.

A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.”

Bill Vaughn




27 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2011!”

  1. Love those criss-cross shadows in the snow! You did well to spot those! All beautiful photos! And I really like the Bill Vaughn vote! Happy New Year to you!

  2. The beauty of winter is found in the snowy shadows, the warmth in the candle flames. Naturally, Casa is warmer in fact, with lovely shadows. Cold or warm, your shadow art is wonderful! Happy New Year!

  3. A wonderful collection of shadows! Love the candle light and the raindrops on the flower! But I appreciate your excitement finding shadows in the snow! We have had endless days of rain, so it’s great to see the sun!

  4. I do miss snow still very much ! Less than two meters from here, there are orange and lemon trees in our garden as well.
    I would like to wish you all a wonderful happiness filled new year.

  5. Love the shadow shots and the candle! Lovely! Glad you’re enjoying some warmth again! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! May you have lots of love, laughter and good health! Look forward to seeing more of your blog and photos!



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