shadow shots and pony horses…

Photos of the weekend #1

1_pearls of coffee by BLOGitse



2_pearls of coffee by BLOGitse

Shooting coffee pearls is my obsession…


slipper shadow by BLOGitse

This is a shadow of – what?



slipper by BLOGitse

tadaaaa…my slipper! 🙂


Shadow Shot Sunday



football Casablanca beach Morocco by BLOGitse

They love football…


2_football Casablanca beach Morocco by BLOGitse



rubbish in the heart of the city Casablanca Morocco by BLOGitse

…and they don’t hate to see rubbish in the heart of the city in Casablanca!



pony horses Casablanca Morocco by BLOGitse

pony horses…



pony horses Casablanca Morocco by BLOGitse


Sundays In My City



Have a great weekend!



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25 thoughts on “shadow shots and pony horses…”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my entry.
    It must be tough to play football in the beach… They are all lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  2. Ha! That slipper shadow is cool! I would never have guessed it to be from a slipper! And I’m enjoying your obsession with photographing coffee pearls. If only we had smell-o-vision built into blogs! All wonderful photos and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🙂

  3. Did I see fur lined boots in that picture? It can’t be that cold in Casa! The beach from afar looks fine, and the noble ponies look great on their stroll near the water…

  4. Looks everything at peace to be in your city. There are quiet a few people over here, who read future once the coffee is out of the cup.

    May time and life continue to treat you all kind. Please have a good weekend.


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