Casablanca views…

The weather has been great to have long walks around the city…


Atlantic Ocean Casablanca by BLOGitse

Those ships were far, far away. That’s why these shots are not very sharp, sorry…



Atlantic Ocean Casablanca by BLOGitse



Atlantic Ocean Casablanca by BLOGitse



Hassan II Mosque Casablanca, Morocco by BLOGitse

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco in Wikipedia



Casablanca street view by BLOGitse



Casablanca street view by BLOGits



Casablanca street view by BLOGitse



Casablanca new building by BLOGitse

New and old, side by side…



Casablanca old house by BLOGitse



Casablanca new houses by BLOGitse



Casablanca modern building by BLOGitse

This is how the new buildings look when ready…



Casablanca modern building by BLOGitse

What a view they have…open sea!



We had coffee with our little friend…


baby's hand by BLOGitse

She’s a very strong little lady…squeezing my hubby’s hand…



Lina by BLOGitse

“Oh, you adults are so boring! I like my own little world more!” thinks Lina, soon 6 months… 🙂


Have a great day everybody!






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  1. Great pics – do you live in Casablanca? Thinking of visiting to research something for my travel magazine. New route starting from Heathrow to Casablanca in April!

  2. You did a great job capturing the strength in that little hand! Love the ships. Like the rest of the scenery you capture so well it transports me to a completely different place than where I’m sitting now – with snow drifts up past my waist and the nearest coast two days away on the other side of the mountains!

  3. What an excellent tour! That mosque has such a great setting. Lina is adorable and you caught the sparkle in her eyes. You have a real talent for photographing people. Too bad the “locals” aren’t more camera friendly, but it’s the same story here.

  4. Maailman korkein uskonnollinen rakennus.. toistaiseksi. Meidän pääkaupungin uusin tulee kohta viemään sen paikan, siis meillähän pitää ehdottomasti olla suurempi ja korkeampi kuin naapurilla, tottakai!
    Silmät kuin pesuvadit, sanoisi äitini jos tuon pikkuisen näkisi, yhdyn siihen. Ja onko suloisempaa kuin lapsen pikkukäsi..

    • Ollaan me ihmiset hassuja…kaikesta sita pitaakin kilpailla. Entas se Saudien uusi kellotapuli, ei ihan pieni sekaan!
      Lina on viela sellainen pullaposki nappisilma. Eika aikaan kun muodot muuttuu, se tapahtuu niin nopeasti!
      Noissa pikku kasissa on alyttomasti voimaa! ja sopotkin on! 🙂

  5. So different from the Casa I remember! I WAS there, however, when they were building that giant mosque…fun to see how it looks finished 🙂 And, what a gorgeous little girl…I just want to squeeze her chubby little cheeks <3

  6. I love taking a walking through Casablanca through your pictures 😀 I hope they take better care of those new buildings than of some of the other older buildings…! One question: is every building in Casa white? What with the sun, doesn’t it kill your eyes?
    Lina’s big dark eyes are just amazing!! Pretty thing!

    • I hope that too!
      Most of the houses are white but new houses have also beautiful colors…
      Sun never kills my eyes! I’m a sun lover!
      Lina a is cute little lady! 🙂

      • You have ants in your pants, lady!! You’re off again, to some distant shores? 😀
        I suppose that you have to be a sun lover, when you have not grown up trying to stay away from it 😀 When I first got to the NL I was shocked that they would invite me during the summer, for COFFEE at 2 pm and on top of that, sit me outside in the sun!!! Are these people trying to kill me? I thought… I now know better! hehe

      • On Thursday you have a chance to guess where I am! 🙂
        How about nowadays – do you have coffee at 2 pm outside in the sun? I do! 🙂

      • Ohhh we’ll have to guess? Goodie, goodie… 😀
        In the summer now I *do* spend time outside in the sun, only that I still try not to spend the entire day, like I see my neighbours doing: from 8 am, sometimes earlier, they’re outside, they take their living room into the garden and do everything there – not for me, yet. 😀 Then, when the sun goes down in the evening and it has cooled down, we are normally the only ones sitting outside enjoying the cool air and silence…. so you see, I am still in the middle of the way 😀

      • Your neighbourgs are like Finns – when the weather is good we are all outside. It’s so cold and dark in the winter that we need all the energy and warmth spring/summer/autumn.
        We have to meet in Helsinki and I’ll show you – how about next summer? Are you ready? 🙂 You can take your husband with you! 🙂

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