revolution in Egypt…

Most of you remember that we lived in Cairo for two years.

Already then we were told that this will happen.

Egyptian people want Mubarak out.

Why the hell it’s so difficult to step down?

How much more he wants hate on his face?

Changing the prime minister or government doesn’t help.

Egyptians want Mubarak out!


We watch Al Jazeera, follow Twitter – there’s a lot going on in Egypt right now.


Curfew started again but there are thousands of people out demonstrating.



Here are some shots I took yesterday from live feed from Al Jazeera …


revolution in Egypt Al Jazeera



revolution in Egypt Al Jazeera



revolution in Egypt Al Jazeera


Here are a few Twitter comments


FidaTaher: Egyptians do not know what fear is anymore. They know only one
thing now, Mubarak’s rule should come to an end! #Egypt #jan25


gijsdekoning: We are watching Al Jazeera and CNN almost 24/7 as historic
events unfold in Egypt. Will it spread to other countries in the region?


ArabRevolution: RT @parvezsharma: #Egypt Friends in #Zamalek are out on
streets This is Cairo Posh-and this means battle for #Mubarak to go includes
even the richest #Jan25


ElaineOrrMorgan: RT @donaldww: China blocks the word “Egypt” on the
country’s most popular Micro-Blogging Service


AnneDanmark: Egyptians won’t accept Islamists to take over,
We want Free#Egypt & democracy not another Regime.


BreakingNews: 3 private jets leave Cairo airport under heavy security;

#Egyptparliament speaker to make major announcement – NBC #Jan25



Latest images from protest in #Cairo  on Twitpic

More coming soon!



11 thoughts on “revolution in Egypt…”

  1. Well, I guess you have to give him time to gather up as much of the country’s gold so he can take it with him when he goes. Such was certainly the case in Tunisia!

    • Mubarak’s wife and two sons are in London – safe. Many businessmen left to Dubai….What does all this tell what’s going on. They are afraid of Egyptian ordinary people!

  2. I do remember you’d lived in Cairo. I did remember as soon as I heard the news coming out of Egypt, but unfortunately for a second I’d forgotten you’d moved. Wow was it a relief when I finally did remember you weren’t there anymore!

    • oh thanks for your beautiful words….
      I just read that they are closing Al Jazeera in Egypt…they’re trying to silent people…That will make people more angry!

  3. I must admit that I am not very smart on this subject and I thank you for shedding some light into it. I will go and read more about the situation and I will pray for a peaceful and speedy resolution to this conflict.

    Happy SITS sharefest!

    • Don’t worry – you’ll know soon, there’s a revolution in Egypt. President (dictator) Mubarak’s family has fled the country. Why? Hm…Maybe they know they don’t have future in Egypt anymore.
      There are several political issues – Israel – Palestine problem, Suez canal etc. – to solve but people of Egypt have had enough.
      The world support Egyptians! Mubarak should stand down NOW!

  4. Oletkin tullut viime päivinä mieleeni näitä Egyptin uutisia lukiessani. Kansa selvästi haluaa muutosta,mutta kuka tilalle…Onkohan El Baredeilla parempaa tarjota…..
    Joka tapauksessa,toivon että tilanne rauhoittuu pian. Muuten sähkölaskuni kasvaa reilusti…(saamme kaasua Egyptin kautta,.,.,,)

    • Ei taida kukaan tietaa kuka tilalle mutta Mubarak halutaan pois, se on selva.
      Toivottavasti mielenosoitukset eivat muutu rikollisiksi ryostelyiksi ja tuhoamiseksi – mutta aina on niita jotka kayttavat tilanteen hyvakseen ja hyvaa tarkoittavat karsivat.

      Toivotaan ettei sahkolaskusi nouse! 🙂


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