revolution in Egypt cont.

The US embassy in Cairo has advised all Americans currently in Egypt to consider leaving as soon as possible, given the unrest.

The UK authorities have advised against all but essential travel to the country for its citizens.

Key appointments

The international messages came hours after Mubarak appointed the country’s head of intelligence to the post of vice-president, in a move said to be a reaction to days of anti-government protests in cities across the country.

Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s chief spy, was sworn in on Saturday, marking the first time Mubarak has appointed a vice-president during his 30-year rule.

Ahmad Shafiq, a former air force commander, was appointed prime minister.

The appointments, however, failed to satisfy protesters.

Tens of thousands of people continued to rally in the capital Cairo on Saturday, demanding an end to Mubarak’s presidency.

More than a 150 people have been killed in the violence since Friday.

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Egypt shuts down Al Jazeera bureau

Network’s licences cancelled and accreditation of staff in Cairo withdrawn by order of information minister.


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0 thoughts on “revolution in Egypt cont.”

    • I’m not out there, I’m in here, in Casablanca! 🙂
      People in Egypt want to have democracy in their country. Free election, NOT Mubarak or his son to be president. Mubarak is stubborn. He doesn’t want to step down even if he has lost his face already, nobody respects him anymore….

  1. I have followed this peoples’ movement and admire their courage to rally and march. It is amazing because any “normal” human being would say to themselves, “I am not wanted here, I am not well-liked, time to go.” Not those in power. Shows how little regard and empathy for the sentiments of a nation some leaders can have.

    • What is interesting is that police is not protecting people but they are working at the airport, tv-building and some government buildings but NOT on streets….Guess WHO has organized this chaos? Yes, he himself.

  2. I have been wondering about how you were doing there but not sure if you were in Helsinki or not and if you have internet access.
    This is very sad and scary. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Tina, we’re not living in Cairo anymore…since April we’ve lived in Casablanca, Morocco. But as we lived in Cairo we know what’s going on now…..


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