clashes in Tharir Square…

Men on horseback and camels rushed into Tahrir Square…


Mr Mubarak – is this what you wanted?

To have your people against each others?

How low is that!


clashes in Cairo Tahrir Square 2.2.2011


I shot this picture of tv-screen 2.2.2011 at 12:27 Casa time, 14:27 Cairo time





clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011



clashes in Tahrir Square Cairo 2.2.2011










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  1. I know you’re in Casa, however, I’ve been thinking about you a lot as I wondered how it must feel for you to watch these demonstrations since you experienced living in Cairo. You must know a lot more than we do about the government and the way the people think. All I hear is the US news and media is not the best way to hear all sides. I’d love to hear a more “personal” side to life in Cairo, if you so choose. Thanks. Sonia.

    • Oh Sonia, I just listened vice president Omar Suleiman’s speech on television.
      I didn’t like his words at all. He’s blaiming satellite channels giving a wrong picture of the country, he put ‘youth’ in one group even if there are those peacefully demonstraiting people and huligans destroying everything.
      If I was sitting there I wouldn’t trust that government a bit. They are all puppets of Mubarak. Mubarak is a dictator.
      His assets, accounts are not frozen but former ministers are. How fair is that?
      Gangs are attacking reportes, tv-groups. It’s not good for Egypt if honest picture is shown to the whole world.
      They show less and less (good) live picture from Cairo…..

      • It’s difficult to say…there’re millions of people who can’t read nor write – do they understand what the change would mean, I don’t know.
        Those who demonstrate are ready for democratic elections.
        But how democratic if there’ll be those who are in power today………

      • This morning I heard in news how Frank Wisner’s opinion is not U.S. officials opinion.
        What a mess.
        Solution? Old regime has to go. That is the only way to democracy. BUT it’s easy to say. Mubarak is a rich guy, 40 billion, he and his gang own most of the businesses in Egypt – this is not an easy case. Not easy for U.S. neither.
        Muslim Brotherhood is not that fundamental as media has said. But there is no party which is homogeneous. Anywhere.
        Parties are like small societies, people with their own intensions. Some want power and money, some want to work for the people. There is not totally ‘clean’ party in this world.
        BUT there are politicians who would like to have the best for their citizens. Not easy because money talks. And power. So the circle is endless.
        I do hope they will find a solution soon!

  2. First of all, stay safe. It must be very distressing. I view this with mixed feelings. Worried about the people in Egypt. Sad that corrupt power continues to exist. And very proud of the people of Egypt.


    • We are safe – in Morocco! It’s been a long time you visited here…
      Living two years in Cairo and almost 2 months of that next to Tahrir Square – it feels like this is happening at my backyard even if I’m not there right now.
      I wish he understands to give up. People have suffered enough.

  3. France24 (ilmaistv netissä) lähettää suoraa videokuvaa paikan päältä, aika hurjaa. Sanoivat, että Mouban poliisit aloittivat kivien heittelyn, siis järjestetty yhteenotto.. ja nyt siellä menee jo molotovin cocktailit. Nyt siellä on jo alkanut islamistitkin nostella näkyvästi banderollejaan..

    • Mina katson AlJazeeraa…ja BBC ja vilkaisen CNN jotta saisi mahdollisimman hyvan kuvan mita tapahtuu.
      Yhden miehen ylpeys maksaa monen ihmisen hengen ja maan jalleenrakentamisen….
      Vaikka oikeaa vaihtoehtoa johtajaksi ei olekaan niin pelkka ilmoitus, etta Mubarak lahtee olisi riittanyt rauhoittamaan tilanteen…Kylla 80 miljoonan ihmisen maassa
      joku loytyy joka voi ottaa ohjat kasiinsa! (vaikka poliittiinen jarjestelma on kinkkinen)

  4. That is very bad news. To see a country in such turmoil. As I understand it, they are seeking democracy, a fair form of voting, and a greater opportunity to engage in a full life. It is very distressing to see the unrest escalating.

    • Excactly. It all started peacefully and people are against each others.
      I read a rumour that pro-protestors got 500 EGP per person to start the violence…


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