"Father knows best"

That title is the message vice president Omar Suleiman

wanted to tell to whole world.

Dictator Mukarab is the father and he knows what is best for his country.


prime minister Ahmed Shafiq Cairo 3.2.2011



press meeting Cairo 3.2.2011



Obama speaks about situation in Egypt 3.2.2011



clashes in Cairo 3.2.2011



clashes in Cairo 3.2.2011



vice president Omar Suleiman Cairo 3.2.2011

Vice president Omar Suleiman

I’m sorry but this is a dangerous man.

Do not trust him.

He had no empathy when he spoke,

he’s repeating what he’s been told to say.


“There are certain groups carrying their own agendas in protests.”

“Protestors should go home.”

“Police defend themselves.”

“…attitude of some friendly countries.”

Egyptian government is hurt. Now they are angry.

It’s not outsiders business to tell what they do in Egypt. Dot.




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  1. I hope this is a case of things getting bad before they get better and not worse. The city is starting to look in shambles and the situation getting so dangerous what with all the attacks on reporters and civilian injuries. I hope I wake up tomorrow to better news.


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