WO*IMA #98 EDITED version


your WOrds of my IMAge #98:


WOIMA #98 by BLOGitse






Grit your teeth and get on with it!







I wish you well, I wish you well, I wish you well…

I think I have only moved 5 inches in the last 5 hours

but I wish you well!







“Attention all motorists.

This is a global positioning network advisory.

You are approaching a mess.

A really big mess.

Just keep moving.

There is nothing to look at here.

We repeat,

just keep moving…”




Aledys Ver



Time to relax, take out my iPad and

watch my favourite Mexican soap opera online…







Crossing lives…







there are some days it is just not worth getting out of bed to (try to) go to work…lol



Thank you!

Have a great week!


ps. remember ‘Digital Fun Challenge’ on my PHOTOblog!


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