holiday in Sydney, Australia…

photos of the weekend #8 / holiday in Sydney, Australia


Hi everyone!
Greetings from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, where we’re on holiday for a couple of weeks.

We’ve been very busy and haven’t had

time to shoot ‘Sydney pictures’

but more coming in my future postings 🙂


Please don’t hate me if I don’t have time to visit your blogs –

I promise to be better blogger when back in Casa! 🙂



flying to Sydney by BLOGitse

We flew from Casa to Abu Dhabi – about 8 hrs and

from Abu Dhabi to Sydney about 14 hrs

by Etihad, UAE


express post in Sydney by BLOGitse



The Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala) in Australia by BLOGitse

The Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala)

These are REALLY noisy! 🙂



The ANZAC Bridge in Sydney, Australia by BLOGitse

The ANZAC Bridge or Anzac Bridge

“The bridge was given its current name on Remembrance Day in 1998 to honour

the memory of the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC)

who served in World War I.

An Australian Flag flies atop the eastern pylon and

a New Zealand Flag flies atop the western pylon.”



local art in Sydney shot by BLOGitse

I love this palm tree! 🙂



Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City


Have a great weekend!




Digital Fun Challenge on Monday here!

Theme #18 is

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25 thoughts on “holiday in Sydney, Australia…”

  1. I’ve never been to Autralia but always have dreamed about it… Maybe someday… For now what’s left is looking at some other people’s photos from this amazing place. thanks for sharing… great set of pictures!!!

  2. Welcome to Australia, I truly hope your visit remained a surprise!

    Your photos are great but I must admit that it is strange to see such familiar sights in them. Have a great holiday and I can’t wait to see your next images of Sydney.

  3. What great shots – Sydney is always a place I’d love to visit – lucky you! Have fun and remember that you are on vacation – leave the blog hopping for another day. hugs, antonella 🙂

  4. I love seeing cities I know (even if only slightly) through the eyes of a visitor. Hope you get to Melbourne 😉 Don’t stress about not visiting other blogs, just enjoy yourself!

  5. Oz looks beautiful, the shadows abundant. I am partial to the beautiful bridge, the soaring towers so stunning we need to remind drivers to watch the road and not look up…The airplane cabin shadow is great, the feeling that you are traveling to a sunny place – in the air and on the ground!

  6. Those shots are lovely. I am usually not a city person, but Sidney is defo a place I want to see one day 🙂
    Have fun out there, be safe & fill us in in the news 😀

    • Thanks Susu!
      It’s hard to find privacy, own time – now it’s 6:40 am – I have 20 mins time for myself before the house is full of life again.
      Gotta go – online banking, have a great weekend!


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