WO*IMA #101 EDITED version



your WOrds of my IMAge #101:




WOIMA #101 by BLOGitse



Ballerina Girl


Glass of wine, spot of tea

come and dine with me

my little chickadee



Aledys Ver


Those women look hungry, don’t let ‘em in, or they’ll eat the clients.





“BLOGitse party? Your table is ready…”





Women are delicious,

so is food.

Women are spicy,

so is food.

Women are hot,

so is food.

I am a woman,

and so are you.





Darling, do you think we are properly undressed to go inside?





Must be a nude restaurant..waiting for a waiter to confirm..




What is Botero doing in Casa while you are in Sydney?




Thank you!

Have a great week!


ps. remember ‘Digital Fun Challenge’ on my PHOTOblog!



2 thoughts on “WO*IMA #101 EDITED version”

  1. Welcome home! I am sure it was wonderfully exhausting. My son is touring there(Australia) in April…he is quite excited.

    Thanks for your great WOrds again! 🙂

    We’re back in Casa. Arrived this morning and I slept the whole afternoon.
    Still tired but I try to stay up and read a zillion emails etc.

    I start blog hopping tomorrow – see you soon! 🙂


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