WO*IMA #103 EDITED version


your WOrds of my IMAge #103:


WOIMA #103 by BLOGitse






Haven’t you had enough!

Stop eating that stuff!

It makes your eyes big and wide,

I see you’re trying to hide

your face with chocolate ice.

Still I see your bright blue eyes.

They stare at me, you do look crazy.

Stop eating, you’re going to be fat and lazy!




Aledys Ver



But mum…!!!

I was just trying to add some contrast of brown

to go with my blue eyes…!!









hh…mommy, my tummy hurts…







First Day of Summer!







Haven’t I told you I love ice cream?!







Yummy this is sooooo goood!




diane b



“Ooops! My eyes are bluer than my belly.”







Thank you!

Have a great week!


ps. remember ‘Digital Fun Challenge’ on my PHOTOblog!



9 thoughts on “WO*IMA #103 EDITED version”

  1. That photo is fantastic! Love those wide blue eyes!

    I’ve been trying to comment on your Digital Fun Challenge post (after I left my link) and can’t! Now I can’t even access your Photoblog! Not sure why!

    Here is the comment I tried to leave there!

    “A bright, wide variety of colour in this image! Like a rainbow glimpse of happiness!”

    • I got your comment – I approve every comment before publishing because I get so many spam comments…
      Thanks for joing the game! I really like your entry! 🙂

  2. Hi guys!
    Thanks for your kind words!

    I got strong relaxants and after relaxing all afternoon I feel little bit better already – a couple of days more medication and next week I’ll start a series of massage – 10-15 times.
    Now back to relax…

    Wondering why I’m so quiet…
    I slept on my right hand shoulder so badly that it’s like a vegetable!
    I can type only a few minutes at a time, can’t lift anything heavy…
    I have a doctor today, let’s see what will happen.
    Oh boy. What a start for my new life…


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