two weeks to go…


…and then we have

parliamentary elections in Finland

on Sunday 17 April 2011


We did some shopping on Saturday in the heart of Helsinki

and I noticed election bustle going on…


the bustle of parliamentary elections in Finland by BLOGitse



the bustle of parliamentary elections in Finland by BLOGitse



the bustle of parliamentary elections in Finland by BLOGitse


It’s been grey and rainy in Helsinki but finally on Tuesday we should see the sun again!!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “two weeks to go…”

  1. I suppose that elections and politics in general, are rather low key there just as they are here in the NL?
    In your photos we can see that it is still rather cold there!! Brrrr… well, here it’s rainy and grey too – and I miss the warm, golden Andalusian sun I enjoyed last week!!
    Hope you’re feeling well and have recovered completely?

    • Oh, that’s why people don’t comment here, they don’t like politics! even if that’s the only way we can make a difference…..
      Sun’s smiling right now – it’s so beautiful out there! I just came from shopping this and that little things we need…
      Andalucian sun – that was last week! we have sun right now!!!! 🙂
      I feel ‘normal’ again. Tomorrow I’ll start Nordic walk again…I really need to lose 3-5 kgs I got in three years, argh! No diet, just eating well and a lot of excercise – very simple…

      • In Argentina we do talk politics – and more than talk, we argue, complain, quarrel, make a lot of fuss – you know the Latin temperament 😀 Very “caliente” Lol!
        SOunds that you’re having nice weather over there – enjoy!!!
        Good luck losing those extra kilos… I need to do the same – we had endless succession of “tapas” in Spain, for hours going from one place to the next, trying this and that… we did a lot of walking too, which helped, but not enough! 😀

      • oooh, I want to move to Argentina! I love Spanish and talking! talking about almost anything but not sports! 🙂
        I got time to massage for Thursday – that’s what I need before my body starts working again.
        Tapas, yummy!
        Tomorrow I’ll post something funny what happened today….. 🙂

  2. Kiitos näistä kuvista, ihana päästä Helsingin kaduille näin kuiven muodossa! Harmaata ja kylmää en kaipaa, mutta kesähelsinki on ihan eri asia 🙂 Toivottavasti sinne nyt tulee se kevät edes ensin! 😉

    Minulle on myös tullut vaali-ilmoitus. Olen juuri tajunnut, että Yle Areenan kautta pääsee katselemaan livenä noita vaalitenttejä. Tänään tulee taas yksi.

    • Harmaata on mutta huomenna pitaisi paistaa! 🙂
      Tulee vaikeat vaalit. Puolueet eivat ole enaa sita mita ennen, oikean ehdokkaan valinta on tosi vaikeeta.
      Tein vaalikoneella ekan kokeilun mutten vakuuttunut saamistani ehdokkaista…yritan uudelleen vahan paremmalla ajalla…
      Tiedatko sina keta aanestat?


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