WO*IMA #106 EDITED version


your WOrds of my IMAge #106:



WOIMA #106 by BLOGitse






Just wait and see me in the summer!







Still waiting for spring…




Aledys Ver



I thought it was Pillow Fight Day today!

Those feathers are rather cold and heavy, aren’t they?







Who put that snow in front of my window…







I may look old and dreary,

I may look sad and weary.

But when the summer is once again here,

I’ll be young and wonderful and I feel no fear!







What?! Is it already time to wake up… please, let me sleep just a bit more.







Honey, the wipers don’t work and could you check if the bumper fell off again?




Ocean Girl



Why can’t we get a bigger blanket? Lame but I tried.



Thank you!


Have a great week!


ps. remember ‘Digital Fun Challenge’ on my PHOTOblog!



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