it's here!!!


S P R I N G!


spring is here! Helsinki 13.4.2011 by BLOGitse




spring is here!! Helsinki 13.4.2011 by BLOGitse


I had a long walk with a friend and her 1 yr old daughter.

I love walking here!!!!

Tomorrow our stuff from the container here in Helsinki is going be moved in.

I wonder if my bicycle and kick bike are still okay…


Do you cycle? If yes, where?

Do you wear a helmet?




16 thoughts on “it's here!!!”

  1. One really gets a sense of growth in the first shot with the shoots pushing thru the dirt. I’ve cycled the West Coast from Mexico to San Francisco. Always wear a helmet but I am not a great bike handler. Strong but clumsy!

  2. Yay, Spring!!!

    My favorite part of Spring is seeing a pile of dirty melting snow and daffodil’s poking through the ground… Thanks for capturing it in your photo.

  3. I am always surprised when I see my friends from Spain post pictures of spring a month or more ahead of us here in the NL. And now it’s my turn to be surprised that it gets there even later! Well, not really “surprised”, makes sense of course!
    Isn’t it beautiful? Here my cherry and apple trees already have leaves and soon there will be flowers! 😀
    I ride a bike, yes, no helmet here in the NL, though…

    • Spain is about one and a half months ahead of Scandinavia…It’s +25 over there already!
      We’ll get first flowers soon if sun shines but 25…in May if we’re lucky, if not in June…

      • Yeah… and we’re somewhere in the middle, I guess. I looked today in my garden and the trees are starting to bloom! 😀
        I guess that by june in SPain they’ll be melting and you will be enjoying much nicer temperatures, though! 😀

    • You’re pro cyclist! We all know that!!!
      I don’t wear a helmet……..but I cycle very slow and back streets or in woods. 🙂


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