flowers and ice…


photos of the weekend #16 / flower shadows and ice situation in the Gulf of Finland


Yes, yes, spring is here!

I shot these flower shadow shots last Sunday…


Shadow Shot Sunday


 flower shadows by BLOGitse



 flower shadows by BLOGitse



 flower shadows by BLOGitse



 flower shadows by BLOGitse



 flower shadows by BLOGitse



There’s still ice in The Gulf of Finland but it’s soon gone…


Sundays In My City


The Gulf of Finland 14.4.2011 by BLOGitse

brrrr…how wintery this looks…


but five days later it looks like this


The Gulf of Finland 19.4.2011 by BLOGitse



“In the Gulf of Finland, rotten fast ice in the archipelago.

Off the archipelago there is open water. Farther out, approximately east of the line

Muuga – Mohni – Kotka lighthouse – Sommers,

there is 20–55 cm thick ridged very close ice.

In the Bay of Vyborg and the Bay of St. Petersburg, 45–90 cm thick fast ice.”

Baltic Ice report

A map of ice around Finland here



Easter grass by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing Easter weekend!




on Wednesday


Digital Fun Challenge #26


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19 thoughts on “flowers and ice…”

  1. I too live on the “frozen tundra” only mine is in Wisconsin. We are just barely ice free here – – – –

    I just don’t think those bloggers who have been enjoying hot weather and are in full bloom can REALLY appreciate the advent of the season like those of us who have to thaw out first!

    Happy Easter.

  2. The sight of these lovely flowers must have made you so happy! I love them! A very interesting last photo. The greenery sprouting from what looks like pie trays is unusual and very pretty! Enjoy your easter weekend!

  3. your shadow shots are evidence that spring is gradually making an appearance – great shots. I like that you’ve shown the ice report – “rotten fast ice in the archipelago”. that’s different! happy SSS, and have a great weekend.


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