WO*IMA #108 EDITED version



your WOrds of my IMAge #108:


WOIMA #108 by BLOGitse






Black coat


ready, steady go!


I’m ready for putting on the Ritz!







I know I look great on my party dress.


Let’s pose for a few photos!




Aledys Ver



I think I’m being tailed…!




Thank you!

Have a great week ahead!


3 thoughts on “WO*IMA #108 EDITED version”

    • Oooh, I’ve eaten too much BUT we’ve been Nordic walking too! The weather has been perfect! 🙂
      I’ll visit your place tomorrow!

    What a weekend this has been!
    We removed almost all old wallpapers, my mom and hubby’s parents visited today…so it’s quite busy here. I did enjoy about an hour sitting in the sun – oh boy, it feels almost like summer in Helsinki! 🙂 Love it!!!
    My hubby had one and half hour Nordic walk in the woods – he’s so happy too!!!
    Life is good!


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