WO*IMA #109 EDITED version



your WOrds of my IMAge #109:


WOIMA #109 by BLOGitse






Xtra dry for me, please.


And some smelly, smelly cheese,


strawberries and lots of sun.


Spring is here, let’s have fun!







I’m getting thirsty… I think I will also put a bottle in the fridge NOW!!!!







Mother’s Day here! Worker’s Day everywhere!! Champagne always!!







Just in time to christen my new rollerblades.



Thank you!

Have a great week ahead!


This was the last WO*IMA this spring.

I guess it’s time to create something new for the autumn…

Or what do you think?


3 thoughts on “WO*IMA #109 EDITED version”

    • 🙂 oh, summer will be green and beautiful in Finland! I’ll post a LOT of summer pics. It’s cool but sunny here, day by day greener and greener.
      In a couple of weeks I’ll post two weeks from Tuscany, Italy – can’t wait for a short break after renovation; painting starts today and our home is in chaos right now…


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