greetings from Tuscany, Italy part 1.


Ciao everybody!

What a place this is!

Amazing. Beautiful. Country side. Clean. Good food. Yummy wine.

animals in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse


We buy eggs from a farmhouse near by…



This is my new friend!

a pig by BLOGitse




landscape in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse

All this I see when walking around…



and this 🙂

horse manure by BLOGitse




Italian food and laundry in Tuscany by BLOGitse

What a surprise – an Italian man doing housework! 🙂 (it started to rain)



tired rubber boots by BLOGitse

Rubber boots having a nap…



a window in Cortona, Italy by BLOGitse

You can see a lot of beautiful details here…


Local weather forecast

for this week 16. – 22.5.2011

Mon                Tue             Wed              Thu                Fri                Sat               Sun

20 C / 68 ºF       23 / 73.4      26 / 78.8      26 / 78.8      27 / 80.6       27 / 80.6      27 / 80.6




champagne and strawberries by BLOGitse

Champange and strawberries….ah, what a life!



More pics coming later this week!




15 thoughts on “greetings from Tuscany, Italy part 1.”

  1. wow! BLOGitse – love your photos! you’ve got quite an eye! it was such a pleasure meeting you here in cortona and i’m looking forward to seeing you hopefully in helsinki in the future!

    • Thanks Jo Ann!
      It’s been raining most of the day today but now I can see – the sun! It’s coming – summer!
      We’re waiting for you to visit Helsinki!

    ooooh how busy I’ve been! I’ve taken almost 800 pics but no time to post them! 🙂
    Tomorrow we’ll go to Camucia where they’ll have flee/outside market – yes, I’ll take my camera with me! 🙂
    I’m so sorry I don’t have time to visit your blogs – I’ll be good when back at home!!!

  3. Jahas, heti kun silmä hetkeksi välttää, niin sinä olet vaihtanut maankolkkaa 😀 Silmä lepää noissa maisemissa ja varmasti mieli lepäisi myös, jos sinne pääsisi.

    Täytyykin selata vähän taakse päin, että pääsen taas kärryille liikkeistäsi 😉

  4. Hi I love your pictures. I always wanted to know how people hang clothes in those high clothes line and you did a great job educating me. Love your pics and thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Oooohh Mi pare che il dolce far niente ti va benissimo!! 🙂 Bellíssimi scatti, cara mía! Beautiful, keep enjoying that Paradise and pass on your notes when you are back because I’m heading that way next year!

    • Benissimo, si! 🙂
      I do enjoy even if today was a little bit cool but tomorrow it’s a new day!
      You’ll get all the information when I’m back, it’s a promise.


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