Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki


Photos of the weekend #26 / Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki – city center


If you like shopping

Stockmann is THE department store you need to check when in Helsinki. 🙂

Stockmann was established in 1862. Read more >  Wikipedia.


stockmann sale by BLOGitse

Summer sale started right after midsummer weekend.



Helsinki city center by BLOGitse

The weather has been super great! Sunny and hot 🙂



tram in Helsinki by BLOGitse

Do you have trams where you live?


Aleksi, Helsinki by BLOGitse

I was waiting for a tram – this is how it looks to the other direction.



Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City


Have a great weekend!






15 thoughts on “Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki”

  1. Yes, we (San Francisco) too have trams, many of them imported from different countries, so you ride a different one, depending on your destination. Loved your “postcards”. So nice to see a city from a locals point of view.

  2. What interesting photos of your world…and so totally different from mine! No, we don’t have trams where I live. In fact, no passenger trains, city buses, and only one taxicab that I know of!! 🙂

  3. Amazing that Stockmann has been around since 1862, they must be doing something right!

    There used to be trams in Sydney, but they got rid of them to make more space for cars in the city. Terrible idea 🙁

  4. Thanks for a peek into your world. We had streetcars (trams) when I lived in New Orleans. And they are adding more routes in the past few years. Here in Honduras, no. No trains, no street cars, but lots of noisy, smelly busses.

  5. A wonderful city. So clean like Stockholm…

    Soon, am bringing my mates from Australia in Helsinki.

    Hope you’re in the best of everything.

    Hugs from a summery Stockholm,

  6. Beautiful city….when we lived in Germany the trams were are main source of transportation…loved them except in the heat of the summer! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. I really like the contrast between the brick facade of the Stockmann store and the more modern glass of the other building.

    I enjoyed finding your watermark too.

  8. Living in a state where the entire population of the state does not even hit 2 million, it seems a bit off center to realize that many live in urban settings such as this. But, it looks lovely there with many things to do. The colors seem so intense too….

  9. I can feel the vibrancy of Stockholm through your photos!


    My shadow has come out to play.
    Oh, shadow, please don’t run away!
    Stay here by my side,
    Pretend you’re my bride—
    Be true to me now and alway!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows here and here

  10. Hilpeän Helsinkimäistä 🙂 Mahtaa siellä olla kuuma. Vai tuuleeko sielläkin? Täällä tuulee joka päivä niin, että sukat pyörivät jaloissa. Tai no, jos sellaisia pitäisi. Ihanaa kesää!

    • Kuuma? juu, nyt klo noin 23:07 ja lämpöä vielä +25! on tää hienooooooo!!!! 🙂
      Juuri nyt ei edes tuule……..


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