vineyard details…


photos of the weekend #30 / vineyard details shot in Tuscany, Italy




These I shot when in Italy in May…



vineyard detail 1 in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse

 ooooh, look at these shadows! 🙂



vineyard detail 2 in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse




vineyard detail 3 in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse




vineyard detail 4  in Tuscany, Italy by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday



Sundays In My City



Happy Sunday everyone!



22 thoughts on “vineyard details…”

  1. Awesome photography…these are fabulous shots…so clear and precise. Love the intricate weaving of the vines. The color you captured is stunning. Great pictures this week. Genie

  2. Terrific ShadowShots!! Tried to comment last week, but it wouldn’t let me. Sheesh. Anywhoooo, have a great weekend.

  3. I love vineyard pictures. It always brings to mind the verses in John 15 when Jesus told his disciples that we are supposed to be like a vineyard in community with one another, and of course, in Him as the root. Cool.

  4. It always fascinates how trees and weeds grow. It’s so incredible how they’ll wrap themselves as your photos show and how they’ll grow right around things. Really great photos.


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