angle and angle



makroviikko/macro week challenge #35


teema / theme: kulma / angle



angle and angle by BLOGitse macroweek #35 angle


musta akryyli paperilla, värjätty photoscape:llä


black acrylic on paper, colorized with photoscape



20 thoughts on “angle and angle”

  1. Hola! 😀
    Life is quieting down these days, though I am still in Argentina. I´ve had no time to go online at all during the last 3 or 4 months, which is a shame, because I haven´t posted anything on my blog nor visited my friends´ blogs either! I hope to be able to do that now a bit more often, even though I am still 3 weeks away from going back home…
    Cold there? 😀

    • Hi there!!! I was wondering what’s going on – you’ll be back in Europe before xmas…
      Let me know when you’re here, welcome back!
      In Helsinki it’s grey, +7, windy, rain, no snow yet…….


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