eyes, shadows and Sibelius


photos of the weekend #49


I’m trying to learn how to draw eyes.

I cut these eyes from a magazine and tried to copy them with a  soft pencil.

Huh, not easy but I’m not giving up.

More coming later! 🙂


eyes drawn by BLOGitse



It’s dark outside.

In Helsinki we have daylight from 9:15 am till 3:15 pm.

At the end of the month from 9:25 am till 3:30 pm.

31st of December is the first longer day – 9:24 am till 15:22 pm.

Extra light needed.


We have LED candles on day and night! 🙂


LED candle light by BLOGitse



shadows of LED candle light by BLOGitse



shadows of LED candle light by BLOGitse (2)


Nice shadows, right?! 🙂


Shadow Shot Sunday



Starting this year 8th of December was a Flag Day to honor

birthday (8.12.1865) of composer Jean Sibelius and the Day of Finnish Music.

Jean Sibelius and Finnish Music Day 8.12.2011


I loooove Sibelius’s music.

Finlandia is long (about 8 minutes) but worth every second.

Hope you like it too!




Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!



23 thoughts on “eyes, shadows and Sibelius”

  1. Here in NL we have probably two more hours of light every day. At 4:30 pm it’s already dark and at 5 pitch dark. I’m finding it difficult to put up with. The lights in the house never seem to be bright enough so that means that as of 4, I can’t really do any house chores bec. I can’t see what I’m doing. Add this to the fact that I’ve just come back from a place where daylight is too much to bare bec. it’s closer to the Equator and it’s summer now, and you have a very confused Aledys 😀
    Love your pictures!

  2. Yep, eyes are tricky, but you’re doing very well. I can’t imagine such short days. I remember complaining of being sent to bed when the sun was still out during the summer when I lived further north. I guess you have super long days in the summer too?

  3. Happy Flag Day! And may your days and nights be bright from the glow of friends and love, not just LED lights. I live near the equator, and I miss the ebb and flow of dark and light.

  4. Despite your lack of light, you’ve managed to find some wonderful shadows! I think I would have trouble with the cold and dark.

    You’ve done a very good job with the eyes.

  5. That’s right-I don’t stop to think how short your days are. No wonder why folks look forward to the winter solstice! Beautiful night/LED shots!

    If no one picks up hosting SSS, I will still post my shadows as I have done for so many years. I do have an ’email subscribe’ on my blog, so if you want automatic notification of my SSS posts, sign up for that. I don’t post everyday, usually twice a week. If you visit me, I will surely visit you (but we have to leave comments so that we know we were by).

  6. Your artistry is beautiful. The drawn eyes are expressive, the emotion we see well. Nice!

    We complain of our short days, but 15:15 is an hour less than us. At least in the summer, your days are so much longer. Sweet and sour must coexist…

    Helsinki is such a beautiful city – at day or night!

  7. Hi Blogitse! I’m so happy to be here after my accident 😉

    Sibelius OK, but I need to be in the mood… Finlandia is awesome!!
    Lovely shots!!

    Blogtrotter Two is around Scandola. Fabulous! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  8. Eyes are elusive! I can’t do better than you!! So keep it up. I was at a concert and heard Finlandia played. So I have bought a cd with Jussi Makkonenon cello and Rait Karn on piano. Thanks for the lovely memories.


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