magic in the air…


photos of the weekend #50


Last crazy days before it’s over again…

Senaatintori Helsinki by BLOGitse


The Senate Square



like a small village of – Santa’s!


St Thomas Christmas Market Senaatintori Helsinki by BLOGitse


St Thomas Christmas Market until 22.12.2012


Tuomaan markkinat in Finnish and
a picture shot in the evening lighting here >



Aleksanterinkatu Helsinki by BLOGitse


Aleksanterinkatu east



main shopping street Aleksi Helsinki by BLOGitse


Aleksanterinkatu west




Not enough feeling of the Northern country?


How about unbelievable Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Lapland?





Wish a gift for a friend and win a trip to Finland and meet Santa in person!


Start  here > Visit Finland


Good luck!




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures




Have a relaxing weekend!


32 thoughts on “magic in the air…”

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  2. Magnificent little market – those baskets with greens one seller has look like such a nice touch. Loved the lights video – if I don’t make it “back” to visit – have a splendid holiday!

  3. Helsinki näyttää niin syksyiseltä, joulumarkkinatkin niin synkiltä, kyllä joulun ajan pitäisi olla maa valkoinen, niin se vaan on minun mielikuvissani, isoja valkoisia hiutaleita hiljalleen laskeutumassa…

  4. I like the grey light of December in northern European pictures. In my part of the world, the days and nights don’t change much. It’s a tad brighter in April and May, but otherwise no changes in lighting.

  5. Wonderful to see Helsinki again. it looks so different with the Christmas market. You have no snow yet?
    I love the shot with all the shadowy figures.
    HAve a very Happy Christmas.

  6. That would be so very cool to see!
    Out and about shopping….yes it will be over soon! Love getting together with family and friends, not so much the shopping though. 🙂

  7. The Christmas Market looks like such a fun place!! I would love to be able to visit.

    The clip of the Northern Lights is stunning. Before I leave this earth, I hope to see them in person. They were actually visible in north Arkansas recently, but that’s quite a ways from my part of the state.

  8. It looks cold enough for Christmas in Helsinki – a cold place full of very warm people! No snow in these views, but is is still early…

    The Northern Lights are amazing – it may be dark most of the time there, but a fantastic light show is the reward. A beautiful country!

  9. So good to hear from you! Helsinki looks absolutely magical. It’s surprising to hear that in both Helsinki and in Canada, there is less snow so far this year then here in southern California. You wouldn’t believe it but we actually had an ice storm in my neighborhood a couple days ago. Everyone was outside looking dazed. I sure could have used those Nokian Tyres! It’s the law in the mountains here to have at least the chains on, otherwise a big fine. Have a wonderful weekend. Wish I could do my Christmas shopping in such an exciting place as Helsinki!

    • Nice to see you here!
      Is this climate change or what! It’s been raining the whole day today. We save a lot of money – no need to worry where to put all the snow, like last winter.
      Heating bill will be lower because it’s still plus degrees outside….funny world. 🙂
      Happy weekend!

  10. It looks like it’s pretty busy in your city at this time of the year. Tell me, what time does it get dark there in December?
    The Aurora Borealis is just magnficent! One of the wonders that one should see before dying 😀
    Have a nice weekend!

    (I’m back in NL, finally!)


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