Fuerteventura, Canaries, Spain part 1.


weekend #6 photos from Fuerteventura, Canaries, Spain



balcony view for 2 mornings by BLOGitse

 This was my balcony view for two mornings…


a view by BLOGitse

 now it’s like this.

 This is my SSS picture. More shadows than light? 🙂


this is called a coffee maker by our hotel! pic by BLOGitse

 Coffee maker in 4 star hotel in year 2012! 🙂


coffee maker by BLOGitse

 I got this today…from the travel agency!


freezer before melting it by BLOGitse

 First time in my life on vacation I had to this too…


melting freezer with hot water by BLOGitse

 to melt and dry the freezer! 🙂


rehearse for the carnival shot by BLOGitse

 Kids rehearsing for the carnival held in early March…


rehearse for the carnival_shot by BLOGitse



Fuerteventura 8.2.2012 at 7 51 am by BLOGitse

 Fuerteventura 8.2.2012 at 7 51 am


Fuerteventura_ 8.2.2012 at 7 51 am by BLOGitse



Fuerteventura 9.2.2012 at 9 09 am  by BLOGitse

Fuerteventura 9.2.2012 at 9 09 am


Fuerteventura 9.2.2012 at 9 44 am  by BLOGitse

 Fuerteventura 9.2.2012 at 9 44 am


heading to the pier, morning walk by BLOGitse

Heading to the pier, morning walk…


Atlantic ocean 10.2.2012 at noon by BLOGitse

Atlantic ocean today 10.2.2012 at noon.

It was too windy and cold to really enjoy the sun.


pigeons not welcome here shot by BLOGitse

Scarecrows against pigeons, what a clever idea.

Would be a good idea for Cairo and Casablanca balconies too!!!


trying to rob a car in Fuerteventura by BLOGitse

 He’s not the owner of this car.

This guy was trying to rob it but couldn’t get the door open.

How do I know?

The car has stickers of the Irish pub. I popped in and asked if they knew this guy.


Now they have three pics of this guy, if needed in a future…hopefully not!




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Have a relaxing weekend!



35 thoughts on “Fuerteventura, Canaries, Spain part 1.”

  1. BLOGitse – Spain is on my favorite countries to visit list! The photos are great! I could go for that coffeemaker. And errrgh to the frozen freezer! We used to have that with our earlier fridge.

  2. Hi Blogitse! It’s already deep into the New Year and into the crisis, but hope is the last thing to fade… We’ll survive!

    Amazing shots!! But low season has always some difficulties… 😉

    Blogtrotter Two is visiting a place you probably wouldn’t suspect… ;). Enjoy and have a great week ahead!!!

  3. seems like an old collection of shots but everyday presents odd things to us. It’s common to find fake owls used to scare off rodents around here. My brother has used fake snakes before too. I have not seen crows used before.

  4. I live in Honduras, a former colony of Spain. I didn’t realize how similar the two countries are. We have car thieves all of the time taking cars, or just parts of cars. And we have funny-looking coffee machines, too. However, Spain is a beautiful place that I want to visit someday. Enjoy!

  5. En muista Egyptissä meillä minkään huoneiston parvekkeilla olleen ongelmaa pulujen kakkojen kanssa, mutta Luxorista sen sijaan muistan kun varikset tulivat jostain syystä nokkimaan aina aamukuudelta parvekkeen oven laseja, toooosi ärsyttävää kun heräsi siihen ja piti mennä häätämään niitä pois. En tiedä mikä niitä meillä kiinnosti 😉

  6. OMG! you’re a sorta intelligence? Ha ha… minding what happen to your surroundings is absolutely a great job. I reckoned.

    As usual, a great job. Love the beach. Hope soon I fly somewhere where I could just chillax.

    Happy SSS, my dear friend and hope you’re in the best of everything, inspite of the winter days. Soon, SPRING…


    • I can not comment on your blog! It says wordver is not correct, I tried several and sure I wrote correctly. Something’s wrong…

  7. The scenery looks fabulous. We are looking for holiday destinations but I NEED sunshine and warmth but maybe in a month or 2 this place will have them in bucket loads.


  8. An amazing variety of photos! I have never heard of scarecrows for pigeons on apartment balconies! Great idea – without harming the pigeons! And love your shadowy street and carnival people! Interesting street views!

  9. Well, you have done your good deed for the day! (speaking of the robber)
    The bottom sky shots are beautiful. Love the kids rehearsing.
    That freezer made me laugh. I haven’t had to do that in a very long time.
    Love vacations!

  10. Sinä olet kyllä ollut uskomattoman aktiivinen lomalainen!! Ja vielä osuit nappaan autovarkaan kuvankin!
    Kahvinkeitin oli juu vähän alkeellinen, ei kyllä itselle olisi juolahtanut edes mieleen että sen voisi vaihdattaa, kaikkeen sitä ihminen tottuu mukisematta.

  11. well look at you, you little crime solver!!! Love it!!! i am glad between the coffee maker and the defrosting of the freezer that you were able to get some lovely shots. thanks for sharing and bringing us with you!!!

  12. The differences between winter in the Canaries and Helsinki are great! It is good that you are making the coffee to wake up, so you can capture so many beautiful pictures during the day – the sky opening up to leave a cool shadow is one. I hope the thief to be will give up his thieving ways…even if you have the proof!

    • Lisää kuvia itse elämästä tulee kunhan ehdin räpsiä. Pitäisi paistaa niin kaikki näyttäisi paljon kauniimmalta. Nyt ihan pilvistä. Hyvä sää olla konella! 🙂

    • Lisää vaan pelotelintuja, ovat kivempia kuin kakkivat pulut.
      Nykyinen huone on jees mutta oikeaa luxusta ei täällä ole. En kyllä sellaista tullut hakemaankaan mutta kahvinkeitin kuuluisi tähän päivään…


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