strong and fragile



weekend #11 photos


These strong paintings are made by a Finnish artist


Ville Löppönen


 His solo exhibition I KILLED MY GOD



Gallery Kalhama & Piippo, Helsinki, Finland



Ville Löppönen: I KILLED MY GOD



artist Ville Löppönen's works in gallery Kalhama&Piippo by BLOGitse


Sundays In My City




These fragile pics are made by BLOGitse.

Tulip art 🙂


tulip canvas by BLOGitse



shadows of tulip petals by BLOGitse


Shadow Shot Sunday2


tulip petals by BLOGitse



tulip petals_1 by BLOGitse


Life In Pictures




Have a relaxing weekend!




On Monday again / maanantaina taas uusi haaste


Digital Fun Challenge by BLOGitse



29 thoughts on “strong and fragile”

  1. Very strong, indeed…

    I like the colour contrast, so alive.

    I am not an art lover but seeing this is one of a few arts, catches my interest.

    Is it still open on summer, too? I might take the Viking Line for a long week-end. And a day tour in Helsinki.

    Guees, gonna catch up for coffee then?

    Cheers Lady,

  2. your posting is eclectic today just as mine is. love, love, love your work on the tulips. beautiful…i love that we aren’t posting snow any longer…cause I DON’T HAVE ANY LEFT!!!! it has been beautiful here this week. and your tulips bring a happy smile to my heart!!

  3. Your tulip art is beautiful and I just love the yellow and red combination on those petals!

    The artist’s work at the top is interesting. Different, but interesting. 😉 I like how he’s incorporated the red into the pieces.


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