basilika – basil


makroviikko/macro week challenge #52




teema / theme: elintarvike / foodstuff



macro week challenge #52 'foodstuff' by BLOGitse




Digital Fun Challenge


tämän viikon haaste ‘musta‘  jatkuu sunnuntai-iltaan asti!


you have still time to participate this week’s challenge ‘black‘!



31 thoughts on “basilika – basil”

  1. Basílico, pomodori secchi, olio d’oliva … wow, is that the time already? I’m hungry!!! 🙂

    Excellent photo! I like your challenge but lack inspiration to participate!! Does basil have inspiration awakening properties by any chance? 🙂

    • I can see flowers almost blooming but. It’s cold right now, and will be next week too. argh.
      I can’t wait to get to Germany – it must be warmer over there!!!!


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